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Advice on starting up a fruit and veg shop

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Sell home-made smoothies and soups as well, these can be made from fruit and veg close to use by date.


I imagine footfall and sales will be hard to predict in the early days, so a contingency plan like this will save you from binning over-stocked items that haven't sold.


All the best :thumbsup:

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You'll have to choose your location carefully and offer something unique (to that area). It'll be hard to compete with big supermarkets on quality, variety, freshness or price - they do it on a much larger scale that you can't match.


What's your unique selling point? How will you convince people to make a separate trip to your shop to get their fruit & veg, rather than getting it with the rest of their shopping at the supermarket? Will it be organic? Local? Unusual varieties? Cheap?

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