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  1. Check out some live music shows, Sheffield has a buzzing scene and I'm sure you'll meet some decent friendly peeps. :-)
  2. I did sound for these at the wedding a couple of weeks ago, they were really good! (and I'm normally someone who hates tribute acts!) //////// Great musicianship, they don't just play the obvious ones as well... they did a cover of Bowie, doing a cover of the Pixies... which was pretty ace in my book!
  3. Or even better still... What about some big, gay, speed-dancing, cosplay tea parties??? ...with cross dressing strippers!!!
  4. Sheffield would be a great place for cycling if they could flatten out a few of the hills...
  5. I remember when Trippets was good... and Richard Hawley's rockabilly band used to play in there... and drinking with Joe Strummer till 4 in the morning... Don't think it'll ever be like that again!!! ;-)
  6. Any mug can download some crappy mp3's and put a laptop playlist together. Vinyl is the higher quality format and is a better draw for punters on many levels.
  7. Yeah they are! cracking music, full of characters, proper spit and sawdust charm!!! And most importantly... No pretentious ten-bob millionaire types.
  8. Greenroom, Washington, Rocking Chair. If you were looking for 50-70 age group... Maggie Mays
  9. ATTERCLIFFE LIBERAL CLUB, attercliffe road , sheffield , s9 3rs Judging by their post though it was last week (3rd Saturday of the month). http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1372007&highlight=northern+soul
  10. Doesn't sound much like The Greenroom to me. (They have a pretty credible music policy and are a proper independent bar)
  11. Any licensed venue can submit an Application to Vary a Premises Licence, thus making it possible for them to have live entertainment on at anytime they wish. Providing that no one opposes them. Even unlicensed venues can hold 'temporary events' at any time, this is limited to only 10 per year though (I think). Again, this is providing that no one opposes and that the correct notice has been submitted in time.
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