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Boxing Classes for Females

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My friend and I, both female aged 25 are looking for a boxing class within the Rotherham or Sheffield area (but closer to Rotherham). We don't want a boxercise class, we would really like to actually train and get in the ring one day! We are just wanting to do this as a bit of a hobby but struggling to find anywhere that matches our needs.


Does anyone know anywhere?


Thanks :)

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Sport has had to become politically correct so you will struggle to find a venue as clubs have to be socially acceptable.


Try some of the boxing clubs to see if they can fit in some time during the week for a womens session although this may start off as a morning a week.

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I think females in boxing is more socially acceptable than it has ever been. Certainly a boxing club that refused women is not being 'politically correct'- if anything, it would be the exact opposite.


I'd suggest just ringing any local clubs, I'd be surprised if they were all prejudiced against women training :huh:


If they are, then certainly all kickboxing clubs welcome female trainers (e.g. wicker camp or AFK kickboxing and several others)- you should check out the sheff forum sports section which has several relevant threads running.

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