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  1. So I need some internal doors which don't cost a fortune! A couple of the doors are funny sizes so if anyone can recommend somewhere cheap and local it would be greatly appreciated! 689mm x 1900mm 1965mm x 762mm 610mm x 2985mm x 2 Just want plain white doors. Thanks!
  2. Hi Im looking to purchase acrylic splashback for the kitchen in a certain colour but I also need someone to measure and install this. Is there anyone out there who can do this? The companies Ive found wont install or measure for you. Thanks!
  3. I've looked at every single P shaped bath panel on eBay and the heights are all too short. These are no good unless the bath is taken out and adjusted which would be pointless as I would just get a new bath altogether! The highest panel I've found is 540mm and I need 560mm. ---------- Post added 10-03-2017 at 21:42 ---------- Quite possibly if I can find the panel first! Thanks ---------- Post added 10-03-2017 at 21:43 ---------- The 700mm is the bath size and not the panel height ---------- Post added 10-03-2017 at 21:43 ---------- No but i will thank you
  4. I have looked on every website possible and cannot find the bath panel I require. I need a white P Shaped bath panel size 1700mm long x 560mm height. The height seems to be the problem so if anyone can help me locate one it would be greatly appreciated!!! There was 1 I found but it was £200 which is way too expensive for a bath panel! Thank you!
  5. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong area but I am looking to hire a bouncy castle for adults on the 6th August all day. Our garden is approx. 3 metres x 6 metres so need one to fit. Can anyone help with this please? The smaller ones ive looked at are for children only. Thanks!
  6. i know theres probably a reply in here somewhere but instead of going through them all does anyone do mobile spray tans in the S14 area please? Thanks
  7. Hi I have 2 full length chiffon bridesmaid dresses which need 5 inches taking off the length and 5 inches of a different but similar material adding on. One of my bridesmaids has already had this done to hers as she's so tall but now looks the odd one out as its a slightly different colour material so now I need the other 2 dresses altering to match but the seamstress I used is on holiday! I need these back in a week before the wedding. I have the material and the cotton and I'm on a really tight budget so if anyone can help then it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks
  8. Thanks ill try rivelin, not many companies seem to do 24 seaters
  9. Or maybe because he has nothing better to do with his life than reply to Forum threads and hope to god that someone replies just so he has another human to talk to. Well done sir, mission accomplished. Now go and feed your cat.
  10. Maybe you should ask yourself the same question.
  11. Obviously ive already done this. Im looking for more quotes from private hire companies instead of ringing every single one in South Yorkshire.
  12. Hi, Just looking for some quotes at the moment if anyone can help pls. Im looking for a 20 seater minibus/coach to pick up from norton on a saturday morning to fox house. Then collect a few hours later and take to bakewell, then collect again in the evening and take back to sheffield centre. If anyone could help it would be appreciated Thank you
  13. Thank you, Someone else has mentioned this guy to me but i cant find his contacy details!
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