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Talent call!! :-)

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Cabaret performer? Burlesque dancer? Musical wonder? Weird niche talent owner?! YOUR CITY NEEDS YOU!


Hello lovelies :-)


I am organising a cabaret/burlesque night in the benefit of one of Sheffield’s charities who support victims of domestic violence, trafficking and rape.


I am hoping to go all out with the event and make it a fun and enjoyable experience for all. I currently have a small committee of friendly and talented folk who will be helping out but still need many more weird and wonderful people who fancy a shot at performing.


You do NOT have to be a sage and seasoned performer. You do not even necessarily have to have an act idea as yet (I have several that people with confidence and gleam can be fitted into). However, if you have an idea for an act, get practicing in you’re bedroom, let your hair down, enjoy it, dare to dream that you could have 3 golden minutes on stage and help a truly worthy charity.


There are many more jobs that can be helped with too, such as flyering, costume making etc.


I am interested in finding interesting and passionate people. Sex, age, no matter. If you shine, we want you.


Please pm me in the first instance with a vague idea of how you might like to be involved and any equipment/set-up that you would need.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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