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  1. Ah, so was mine. Humour lost on all sides. As long as I don't see much praising for meadowhell you can say what the dickens you want
  2. It must be difficult keeping up such pompous perfection for you old tup.
  3. My Nan, Mary used to own the Enfield Arms as it was, back in the early 60's. Shame when it got raised to the ground
  4. Has anyone seen this? You see the Leeds goal from their fans point of view as someone was filming from behind the goal. You miss the point where CK was struck then you see part of what looks like a chair get thrown onto the pitch and fans shouting for CK to get up
  5. Hi all. I know it's a bit short notice but if any of you are free and at a loose end this coming Saturday (22nd) there is a family fun day at Endcliffe Hall Army Barracks taking place to raise funds for the Army Benevolent Fund. Now known as the A.B.F. The Soldiers Charity, they have been working hard for over 60 years to raise funds for the service men and women of this country and their families. They do some fantastic work and don't get nearly as much recognition as they should and this event on Saturday will go some way to raising the profile of the charity as well as vital funds so they can continue their work. On the day there will be food and drink, kids rides, appearances by the Army Cadet Force who will be doing some activities such as archery and also will be looking to recruit, we will having a climbing wall, cake stalls and other various activities. Entry is free and the event will be taking place between 10am-5pm. If anyone wants to know anymore feel free to ask and hopefully see some of you there on the day. Thanks guys
  6. Hi all Just a bit of advice if anyone can help. Long story short, last night I did a dance spot at West Street Live, as I finished one song and began another someone launched a glass full of booze at me and it landed near my costumes, soddening one of them through in beer! I have this on video and the moment was captured fairly clearly and I also have the soaked costume in question and just wondering what, if anything, I could do about this? Also - separately it seems like an item of mine may have also been stolen on the premises, this time a coat that I wore when i turned up at the venue. As i say, any help and advice as to what to do would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. Tight t-shirts, jeans halfway down your back side and scruffy trainers seem to pass these days. This, sadly isn't an over exaggeration.
  8. I went for an interview with GKR after seeing adverts for a 'Self defense consultant'. Opportunity to earn a lot of money, free karate training and the chance to work up to a higher position within a few years - general gist of what was on offer. As with a few people it seems, I experienced the same sort of thing in relation to being shown 30 minutes basic, poorly handled karate by black belt (debatable) instructors. Then a lengthy break before being shunted into a side room to watch a video about how GKR was set up. Then followed the pyramid selling information. Basically the only earnings were your commission for signing people up to GKR. Problem is, if you knocked on someones door offering them the services, and they didn't want it, you were up poo poo creak without a paddle or toilet paper!! Deposit would have been required for the kit and no official forms were ever presented at any time to suggest anything they said or did was indeed accurate or above board. Very shady!! I'm surprised infact that GKR Karate (Think that's their name??) here on the forum hasn't replied to this thread...
  9. Family Fun Day at Graves Park on Saturday June 2nd starting around 10.30am running until 5pm. We will have the usual decorations, bunting, flags etc as well as games and various other activities and fundraising also taking place for the Army Benevolent Fund. All taking place near the cafe area.
  10. There's a fundraise family fun day at Graves Park on Saturday. More information can be found here http://www.facebook.com/events/229508863821596/
  11. Sally has said I'm on at 4pm....So now I'm a little confused
  12. Back to the topic. Poor show by the Chantry. They obviously haven't a clue!!
  13. My Dad likes to tell a brief story, pre-miners strike, about being at either Sheffield or Leeds train station (I forget which) and Arthur Scargill was stood on the edge of the platform fairly close by. He then points out that if he had just turned his shoulder ever so slightly he could have avoided the strike. I do sometimes look at him and wonder..WHY Father, did you not make that conscious, some may say callous decision, not to avert/delay the strike. His morals obviously got the better of him I suppose. It'd have been interesting though as I reckon if Scargill had been smacked by a train, he may have looked better than he does today.
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