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Room converting into 2 smaller rooms plus other jobs

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Hi there

We have a 3 bedroomed house that has a very big front bedroom.

My Daughters share a room at the moment and they need their own space.

So we are looking for advice and quotes and above all an honest opinion if we could seperate the room into 2.

That leaves their old room that has a huge cupboard in it (Used to be for the boiler) i would want some shelving created in there and a rail and a light


Also looking for a tiler for my kitchen and bathroom.


a plumber with a long wrench (oo-er lol) as the kitchen tap is wobbly and i cant get far enough to tighten it.


and would also like a small sink putting into a wc


I am very big on passing trade on so the right people will be recommended to anyone else i know needs some work doing etc


pm me



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Do you have one or more windows in the front bedroom, as each bedroom will need one - even if (like mine) your daughters don't open curtains or windows!


Also consider by the time you have taken off the existing door and constructed a lobby to form a door and frame into each of the new rooms - is there still enough space to make it worthwhile


Other questions for would-be quoters would be providing enough additional sockets, light pendants and switches, materials used to construct the wall between the two new bedrooms as plasterboard stud wall could do with sound proofing, and whether they think Building Regulations approval is necessary

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Hi there


I would be happy to come & have a look for you so I can give you some free advice & a quote.


I have a facebook page with pictures of recent jobs (including a house renovation album which shows similar work to what you require) & recommendations. Here's the link if you would like to have a look: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TRT-Joinery/173485362760904


I would be able to quote on all aspects of the job for you also to make your life easier :-)


TRT Joinery - 07508701811


Cheers Tom

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