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  1. Sheffield basedClassic Rock band Baranovich seek bass player. We play a mixture of original and covers We have our own rehearsal space. Message on here or via our fb page Www.facebook.com/baranovichrocks
  2. I opened my front door to let my cat in and could hear a chainsaw possibly near the Birley spa pond. Followed by some metal being hammered. Any ideas?
  3. I saw all this too. Next to St John Fishers school
  4. Hi there PM me let me know what sort of thing youre wanting to do Cheers
  5. Its the same as Look North or as its known in Sheffield Look Leeds
  6. Where can I take my son's kindle to get the screen replaced. He dropped it and is heartbroken.
  7. Hi Sorry not been on for a bit, you still looking? ---------- Post added 16-06-2015 at 17:07 ---------- Hi Sorry not been on for a bit, you still looking?
  8. Im a frontman / vocalist could be interested pm me
  9. From their website .... **Please also note that today is Tuesday 16 June ** this has already started no buses on Birley spa or occupation lane today!!! Stage 5A - Closure of Birley Spa Lane & Occupation Lane; Thursday 18 June only (0700 to 1900) On the above date and during the times shown, buses will not be able to serve Birley Spa Lane or Occupation Lane. This is because of the closure of the section between Delves Drive and Main Street, and the full closure of Occupation Lane. During this time; Service 42 will operate normally to Wickfield Road, but will then turn LEFT onto Dyke Vale Road, right on Normanton Hill, right along Mosborough Parkway, right up Moss Way and then as normal. Customers should note that Dyke Vale Road will only be partially served (for bus stops - the old terminus will be used for "To City" buses contrary to normal) before resuming normal route at Silkstone Road. Service 120 will operate via Birley Moor Road, Sheffield Road and Beighton Road before resuming at Moss Way. Unfotunately, because of these works, we are unable to serve customers on Birley Spa Lane at all, nor those on Occupation Lane - those wishing to access services should use bus stops at Dyke Vale Road bottom, Silkstone Road, Beighton Road, Sheffield Road or Birley Moor Road. The fact that they are unable to serve customers on Birley Spa Lane at all, nor those on Occupation Lane is unbelievable, Hackenthorpe has a large majority of OAPs and due to the planning of the resurfacing they have essentially stopped them from being able to travel with ease.
  10. Very experienced vocalist and frontman Looking for a classic rock style band to have some fun with. Gig with. Write with etc Drop me a line if you are looking for someone
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