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  1. My husband works nearby, and they are considering evacuation at the moment!
  2. Hi everyone, I need to renew my driving licence and need some passport photos. Can someone tell me where there's booths in the city centre? Thank you.
  3. Thanks guys. I don't think it's happening at night, I just want an eye kept when we're both at work, or when she thinks we're not in. One such incident I was in the bath, ignored the doorbell of course and then heard her crashing over the fence. Unfortunately wasn't quick enough to catch red handed.
  4. Thank you. I wish we could do with the decoy one, but we need some hard evidence as she claims that she's done nothing each time and makes up false allegations about us.
  5. Hi all, We are looking at installing some CCTV to keep a record of when our lovely neighbour breaks into our garden. We only need one or two cameras and of course something to record. Can anyone recommend a company who will install it for a reasonable price? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Can someone please suggest a moderately priced restaurant which isn't in the city centre for a birthday dinner? It's this Saturday. No food preferences! All the restaurants I frequent are in the city so I'm a bit stuck. Thanks
  7. We stopped using Nick Clulee after our car came back from MOT with a dent in the door and a big scratch. It certainly didn't have the damage when it went in, it was very obvious. He offered to 'fix' it for us but was going to charge us! Plus he charged us more for an MOT and service than the actual Mazda dealer!
  8. What a shame, I used to love buying incense from there.
  9. Keep a close eye on them. I don't know about girlies, but we had two males. Absolutely fine for the first six months and then one of them bullied the other awfully. We were about to separate them when the bully actually escaped from the cage and got itself murdered by our cat when my husband was out buying another cage! The other one showed no interest in escaping, and in fact turns four this year!
  10. For everyone that hasn't got winter tyres, really invest in a pair of snow socks. We forgot we had some in the boot, but used them this morning and we sailed up our fairly steep hill where others couldn't even get a metre. Got up to the clear and gritted main road, pulled in a lay-by, whacked them off and whizzed off to work.
  11. We were Origin customers and cancelled before the 'turn off.' Even when they were still going strong per se, we had no end of problems from them. Our line was up and down more than a working girl and whenever we rang to ask what was going on, we were totally dismissed and said it was our issue. Finally one day we got through to someone who actually knew what they were talking about, took him five minutes and we had the problem solved. It only took them months. What was also wonderful was how when Facebook got flooded after the switch off, they were talking about their 'callback promise.' We got called back once maybe out of 20 or so promised times BEFORE switch off, and that callback was at 11.30 p.m. at night when we had rung at 6! Call it 'second hand unverified information' if you will, but the fact that you can probably count Origin's satisfied customers, yourself included, on one hand speaks volumes. The censorship of their social media was them firing a 50 cal through their foot. They used to delete posts off beforehand but no one seemed to notice. There were business owners and other people actually losing money, unable to get through on the phone and then suddenly being silenced via the only outlet they had to -possibly- communicate. I could understand abusive posts being taken off, but it was everyone. I got banned from their page for questioning their callback promise after someone complained they had been promised multiple times, and that they were losing buckets of money a day. What's also worrying is how slow and apprehensive they have about refunding people money that they are duly owed. Some people have been given trickles, some half, not many people have got their full whack, and when they've questioned it the only response they've got is, "We'll transfer it soon", and given the brush off. Doesn't scream a company doing well to me. If you're happy with them, that's your choice and that's fine, no one is trying to convince you otherwise, but what you're trying to obtain by weighing into this discussion and having a go at people who aren't so happy, I'm not quite sure. Origin don't need you to defend them. They are a big boy and can fight their own battles if they so chose, which they don't.
  12. The easiest one we've been with was Sky. Never had a single issue with them. BT isn't so bad either IF you can get them to install the £(%*$)"$ thing. For most of them though, you wouldn't believe they were a business, how difficult it is to get them to come and install it!
  13. Already playing it so not dusting it off . I play on Mazrigos.
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