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Recording studio.


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Hello.... I am just wondering if anybody knows where in sheffield there is a recording studio... i am a singer and would just like to record a few songs on a CD so i could maybe send them of somewhere as demo tracks


Thank you :)

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I know, sorry. I'm currently fighting with my server to try and get it back up again. I should stick to music really. Should be up again this evening.

Give me a call on 07771 530 652 in the mean time and I'll talk you through whats available. Thanks

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Theres loads around:




Yellow Arch


Attic Studios

Fat Elephant (I know those guys personally)

West Street Live (don't know if theres actually a name for it - but ring up/go in and ask for Tam, he does it all downstairs...)



Maekai (nice guy - CJ...not sure exactly what facilities he's got but it looked ok when I was last there a couple of years ago)


Theres a few more I can't think of right now...

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