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  1. Yep, pretty much glaringly obvious so it certainly doesn't need dragging out. Yeah it's been slow at times but I've enjoyed this season.
  2. My bad. I must've misread where OP asked for 'weight lifting help'.
  3. It's a hell of a lot more than just a 'bodybuilding' forum. It's got detailed information for everything from eating healthily for whatever goal you want to attain, to correct training techniques to avoid injury, to relationship advice. Don't judge until you've actually been on there, eh?
  4. Wow, there was a LOT of traces of that, and other unwanted downloads. It's cleaning it up now. Thanks!!!
  5. My antivirus is blocking that, is there anywhere else I can get it from?
  6. Think that's done the trick! Just checking for traces of it now... thanks! ---------- Post added 19-01-2014 at 15:28 ---------- Ah right, thank you, I'll do that next time.
  7. Get yourself on Bodybuilding forum. Everything you could possibly want to know and more is right there.
  8. http://www.motoring.co.uk/car-news/insurance-documents-no-longer-needed-to-tax-cars_60297?utm_source=motoring.co.uk&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=newsletter&src=motoring The Continuous Enforcement Scheme is part of a package to remove red tape. Let us consider the other elements. Motorists that own vehicles that are not in use must – as has been the case for years – complete a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). However, this is now a one-off rather than an annual process. Vehicles simply remain legally off the road until taxed, sold or scrapped. - See more at: http://www.motoring.co.uk/car-news/insurance-documents-no-longer-needed-to-tax-cars_60297?utm_source=motoring.co.uk&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=newsletter&src=motoring#sthash.i1lhGQGw.dpuf
  9. I disagree about the last series, I think it was amazing, I watched the entire last season in 3 days. Dexter is frigging awesome, one of those programmes that leaves you feeling depressed when it's over because you got so invested in it that you just don't know what to do with your life now it's finished. ---------- Post added 13-01-2014 at 14:51 ---------- Is season 8 the last one?
  10. Just read about this somewhere else and came to find out how long they'd kept him for. Thank God it was 6 weeks and not longer, though it would have been if they hadn't been reported. 6 years, so out in 3, it's a joke. You can get more than that for stealing property. They stole a PERSON and physically and mentally abused him relentlessly for weeks. Evil subhumans.
  11. The Words - 8/10 Lone Survivor - 7.5/10
  12. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - 7.5/10 The Seasoning House - 7/10 Disconnect - 9/10
  13. He has to serve 2/3 of his sentence, then he's up for parole. Hopefully he wont live that long.
  14. Yes, she reported him to the police years ago but wasn't taken seriously. Watkins told the police she was stalking him and she was given a warning I believe.
  15. According the the sentencing remarks released today they will be placed in 'long-term foster care', this doesn't sound like the relatives are going to be raising them does it.
  16. Have you seen the original? If so, how does the story compare?
  17. Truth or Dare - 6.5/10 Kick Ass 2 - 8/10
  18. Yes, it's a good gym. There's no sauna or anything, just gym equipment, shower facilities and changing rooms; you'll need a padlock to use the lockers. You can either bring your own or they're £4 from the vending machines. It's staffed until 10pm I believe. It gets busy in the daytime and quietens down after 10pm. I normally go between 9-11pm as I prefer it quiet and you don't have to hang around waiting to use anything. It's got all the machines you could want, free weights area, those vibro plate thingies and all the classes are free. Definitely worth the money.
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