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Where can my son get a voucher to have maisie spayed please


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where can my son get a voucher( if he is allowed one )

to have Maisie spayed please

he would like to have her spayed before she has her next season :)

as he doesn't want her having puppy's he takes her everywhere with him & if she is in season he'd not be able to do this as dogs would be following him

allover :(

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I think it will depend if your son can afford it or not, or on certain benefits if he cant

Sometimes the local RSPCA will give reduced vouchers out too. The Dogs Trust have stopped the campaign supporting Status Dogs in the North though, so it would just be for low income.


Get him to phone round different vets for the best price, or if one will let him have it on a payment plan - if he put so much away now ,would be ready for when she comes ready for doing if he can't get help.

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Dogs trust will still subsidise spaying/neutering. You just have to contact them to see if you're eligible, then if you are they can tell you which vets partake in the scheme. Then all you need to do is call the vets, tell them its subsidised by Dogs Trust, then take your proof of benefits in etc on the day :) Its £30 IIRC xx

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yep - its usually the best time to have them done 12 weeks after the start of their last season - so mid-term.



ok thanks bubble


rain he isn't sure when her last season was

but she is nearly a year old so will probably

be just about due :)


someone wanted me to let gorge breed with her

becourse they would make nice puppys :loopy::roll:

ermmm no

for one the mating would probably near on do her damage

if not kill her becourse of gorges size :(

surviving that the pups would almost certainly kill her she would need

a c section

what is it with everyone wanting to crossbreed dogs now days :suspect:

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