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Childrens clothes

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I have a lot of kids clothes which are surplus to requirements and have tried selling them at car boots and ebay etc, the thing is I am sick of seeing them now and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place or shop in sheffield or close by which will buy them?

I have seen adverts for places which will buy kilo bags full of clothes for stupid prices but these clothes are too good for that and I would get more money selling them off myself.

Any information would be appreciated.


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Thanks for that, but my family would benefit more from the money I could make. I'm on a low wage myself and any money made would help pay for the things we need.

I have given plenty to charity shops over the last couple of years but in these hard times charity begins at home

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I would take them too a charity shop too. I have selt clothes to the shop at the top of the moor i selt about 5 large carrier bags full with designer clothes from debenhams nect gap baby k etc and got under £30 there was about £500 plus best thing was went in a week later and she was selling some stuff for more than i had paid new!

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