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  1. Thank you very much. We are now just £22 off our target in less than a week. What fantastic support we have received. Again thank you to everyone :-)
  2. A link to the star story on this, we are now at £292 and really want to reach our target so if anyone can spare £1 please text ANEI55 £1 to 70070 More can be donated by changing the amount. Once again the people of Sheffield have really shown their kindness support and generosity. Thank you so much. http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/local/sheffield-five-year-old-girl-loses-locks-for-charity-1-6800664
  3. Thank you ever so much, I responded to each comment that mentioned they had donated and liked all the others. I'm blown away with everyone's kindness. The star should be printing the story but we are only 30% off her target which is fab! I have also set up a text just giving and people can text: ANEI55 £(amount) to 70070 Thank you once again we really are grateful for all the support, donations and shares of the fundraising.
  4. Hopefully this is allowed. My little girl Aneisha who has just turned 5 had over 8 inches of hair cut off in aid of the little princess trust: A charity providing free real-hair wigs for boys and girls who have lost hair due to cancer treatment. Aneisha is also fundraising as well as having her hair cut and has a target of £350 which is the charities costs for each wig. If any kind sheffield forummers would like to donate Aneishas just giving page is: https://www.justgiving.com/jenny-senior/ And the story is also featured online: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=909200189108857&substory_index=0&id=609632969065582 We have contacted the sheffield star in hope that they can publicise further. Thank you very much for reading.
  5. Can't offer any advice regarding lodgings etc but a very warm welcome to you and I hope you find decent accommodation ASAP! Good luck ?
  6. I purchased a John Lewis sewing machine on Saturday as I love fabric and crafty ideas....however....I have never used one and am lacking basic skills and knowledge, I have only ever really done bits of hand stitching as in sewing a button back on! I'm wanting to make simple home items such as cushions, bunting, patchwork items and wondering if anybody could make a recommendation on how to start? I have made some very wonky bunting and a pin cushion which is very basic. I'm unsure how to start stitches off and finish them off correctly too. I know I sound like a lost cause but I think once I master the basics I could really enjoy it. I'm in S2 Thanks
  7. Hi I have just purchased my first sewing machine and not having much luck. I have threaded it but my stitching is a lot to be desired and could do with a little advice and a hand at making some very very simple projects to build my confidence. I attempted some bunting and have made a pin cushion whichever could do with improving on! I'm in arbourthorne but could travel. Can anyone recommend how to get started? I've you tubed vids but I think I need face to face help.
  8. I haven't discussed UKIP and the anti-social behaviour I have witnessed on Gleedless Valley has been from White British!
  9. I was in the property shop about 5 weeks ago and was told there were a fair amount on gleedless they were even relaxing the eligibility criteria so for e.g. a coupld with 1 child could get a 3 bedroom house as they were desperate to get them filled. On that said day there were several on Sands close, spring view mount.
  10. I am aware he was from Arbourthorne, however I have yet to see where it has been confirmed he wasn't murdered and he was found on gleedless valley. The gaunt isn't very nice either in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I'm aware there is trouble on many estates in Sheffield but over the past few years it has become worse, the first come first served properties in large quantities speaks volumes about how bad it is.
  11. There are various parts of Gleedless Valley that are vile. I live on Arbourthorne and yes there are a few roads which have a reputation however I have never felt unsafe. Twice in the last three weeks I have been to newfield green, the first was unpleasant with congregations of people (mainly white) swearing, shouting and the likes but the second was awful and I felt intimidated. I had lot's of shopping my 4 year old daughter with me and a group of two lads and a lass where acting fools really swearing at one another and throwing things at each other bearing in mind my daughter was a few feet away from these idiots and they had no care in the world, one of them even tried to get in my taxi whilst we were getting in it telling the driver he needed to take him somewhere! The presence of groups hanging about was also worse than the first time. I'm extremley street wise and have walked through areas deemed rough in the early hours including burngreave and broomhall and have never felt like I did that day. Was there not a body found the other week behind the shops, a white man in his late 20's? And as for immigrants getting properties if they are first come first served then it is probably that us sheffielders don't want em!
  12. Recommendations for a site which can accommodate several mums and their children in tents. EHU and playground needed and nearby pub serving food would be a bonus. We need a location not too far from sheffield. Thanks
  13. I think you are over thinking it. I'm an Education student and have worked in various early years settings and Princess' and Superhero's play a large part in role play areas and are not discouraged. In our reading area at my daughters school princess character's are displayed with relating words to encourage reading further. World book day took place early this month, my daughters went as Cinderella as we have recently read the book. I would say 90% of the girls went as disney princess' and they all had fun which is what being a child is all about. You mention your daughter dresses up, would you allow her to be a "princess" if not at home how will or how did you approach this with the school/nursery as I'm confident this will more than likely be accounted by your daughter? I'm not sure I would just buy a ticket for my daughter to take part in the advertised due to the cost etc I would personally spend my money on a more "educational" trip in the holidays but for a birthday party or a well deserved treat (for achievement at school etc) I wouldn't stop her attending
  14. I've purchased large ones from asda and tescos they are what I put stew in. Think they are 3 for £1. I wouldn't say they are massive but they are around the size of a large side plate
  15. No I don't believe they do as they are for just for a few days. These are more taster courses lasting around 3 days and cost a small fee of £39 (if my memory serves me right). It is an excellent starting point for either going back into education or for personal interest. They also offer a diploma which can lead onto University and many people do the short courses before commiting to a full time course.
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