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  1. Unfortunately there are some of us who have to get to work as got patients to look after (NHS), along with those people from other services/professions. Dreading it!
  2. I asked this question last year and had a couple of offers, one chap we booked and all was great, but have lost numbers/messages and obviously things may be different this year. I'd like a taxi for Xmas Day evening from S36 to S12. If anyone can recommend someone please pm me. Thanks.
  3. As someone who's job is to care for those that choose to die at home, AND someone that has lost a sibling to the same thing, I say let her go home. It's so easy to judge alcoholics, am assuming she never sought help for her problems as many don't and didn't realise (like my sibling) how quick the irrepairable damage can be done until it was too late. If she was obese and dying of the health issues associated with that would she be judged so harshly? Yes she wouldn't have lost her children but sadly the drink is all consuming.
  4. Having worked in both, Pippy's was on the lower part of Cambridge Street then later Rocky Horrors was at the top inside a building with other small shops (yes up the rickety stairs!) and workshops around the back (upholsterers etc).
  5. Well, speaking as the OP, I have no choice but to work Xmas Day. Am working right through Xmas and the New Year festivities but in nursing you don't get a choice. Thankfully have the afternoon/evening of Xmas Day off, hence me wanting to book a cab for my parents to get home so I can enjoy a few glasses of vino.
  6. I just want a taxi that isn't going to charge £££ over the odds but basically wanted recommendations from people that had used cabs on Xmas Day before
  7. Can anyone recommend a taxi company that could take my parents home from ours Xmas Day night, from one end of Sheffield to the other, and that won't charge a ridiculous amount of money (it's usually around £30). I'm working Xmas Day myself up until lunchtime and would like to have a few mulled wines in the afternoon. Many thanks
  8. Good grief, that's awful. Is this near the old Carter Lodge School? Am unsure which one is Rainbow Forge and am just wanting to warn my elderly parents if they're planning on trying to get to Crystal Peaks this morning.
  9. I didn't mean to put you off in any way, that was just my experience of one night shift, the other shifts I've done there have been fine. It really is a lovely hospital and given the choice of the 3 I would choose there.
  10. I sometimes do shifts in Weston Park as a support worker and always enjoyed working there but I did one a couple of months ago and one of the nurses on the ward thought I was her personal dogsbody. Thankfully the other nurses on the ward were lovely but it put me off going back. I enjoyed the shifts I've did at Jessops but can't comment on Hallamshire. Good luck
  11. I started this post wanting help and advice when my brother was first taken ill with his alcoholism in August and received lots of wonderful replies and pm's. As you have read, we lost him in October. Sadly, he was wanting to recover and doing everything right and by the book but it was too late, the damage was already done. I have my fingers crossed your appointment goes well tomorrow, please feel free to pm me if you need to 'chat'. One forum member was invaluable to me throughout our struggles and for that I'll always be grateful. Sam x
  12. Thank you, we tend to think no-one else goes through this hell. The support of one forum member, who I won't name just incase they don't want naming, has been invaluable since this nightmare began in August. We hoped he would recover, he hadn't had alcohol since the day he was admitted in Aug, but he was sent home 3 weeks ago, classed as 'clinically fit'. He could barely walk. At this moment I don't know how we will recover. x
  13. Thank you to all of you that replies and sent PM's to my post in August. Just to let you know, my beloved brother lost his fight against alcoholism this morning. My heart is broken forever. x
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