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Is there a way to override a missing 'Lock' slider on an SD card

Number Six

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I've snapped the Lock slider off yet another SD card - a card that is otherwise perfectly useable.


Is there a way to override the 'lock' status using software, is does it need the physical slider?


I thought it was a case of if it was there it was ok, like on cassette tapes where you could sellotape over the holes and re-record on them (ask your parents, kids!) but I've clipped the slider back in and it still says it's locked.


Any tips?



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Cheers - I've googled around and it seems that the tab is just a physical thing that closes a switch in the reader.


However, I've taped it over (very carefully so it doesn't make the card thicker) and my laptop now recognises it as unlocked. My camera though still says it is locked.


I don't know if that is because the spec allows some readers to detect the slider in the locked position and some allow it to detect in the unlocked position though - the tape covers the whole 'gap' in the card so I guess it is both 'locked' and 'unlocked' depending on where the detector switch is in the reader, if you see what I mean.


I've squeezed the card to open the edge slightly and it does look like it's just a slider, and I've found the sodding thing now, so if I can find some superglue I'm going to have a go at just glueing it in. I never lock the cards anyway so it won't matter that I can't move it.

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