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50s rutland hall


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:)does anyone remember helen wilson settlement on rutland road just under the arches also named rutland hall my two brothers used to go to play :)billiads and table tennis kenneth sorsby and derek sorsby in later years me and my twin sister used to go in the brownies and youth club i think the man in charge was called mr hunt me and my sister are june and patricia sorsby

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When we first married in the fifties we lived with my late husbands parents on Rutland Rd (just above Joe Bownes shop) I remember going to Rutland Hall to use the telephone you just paid the ?caretaker for the phone call. I am sure my husband was a friend of one of the Sorsby lads, the name rings a bell.

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thanks for reply we used to live below jo bownes two doors away from fruit shop on corner 52 rutland rd you must have known bella tomkinson in yard also ellises terry ellis was our kens mate also jubs in next yard


I remember Bella Tompkins, she lived at number 76, I used to deliver their papers.

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