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Wooden pole in a field


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can anyone shed light on the strange pole stuck in the middle of a field in derbyshire.

it has a tourist sign on it saying "wooden pole".

is this some kind joke.

i went into the field (with a workmate, just in case) but it is what it says it is, a wooden pole.

it looks like it has been there a long time as it is a bit battered.

does it need doing up a bit, can it be replaced with a new wooden pole or is it special.

please let me know

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Is it the one on the Longshaw Estate near the triangular junction where the road turns down to Froggatt and Calver? If it is, it's a packhorse route marker from the 1700's, marking the route up from Hathersage. The track in a hollow way just below it is the old road. It's not the original, but it's been there many years, and the place is now known as Wooden Pole.

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It won't be Stanage Pole as that is bizzarely enough on the stanage moor (can be walked too from Stanage Edge of from Redmires Reservoir in Lodge Moor). The pole in question is most probably that on the road to Calver (off from the Fox House) at the road junction that also leads back to Totley.


Both Stanage and "wooden pole" are historical waymarkers for old packhorse routes. If you go to Stanage Pole carvings in the rocks at the base date back until the mid C17th I believe one of the oldest dates is around 1636!


Must have been a little different around here back then!

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You've got the one I think he means, near to Fox House.


My grandad always used to tell me (when I was a child) that there was a penny placed on top of the pole and that it was mine if I climbed up to collect it.


When my kids were younger I told them there was a £1 coin on top!


I always thought it was a boundary pole, marking the spot where Yorkshire becomes Derbyshire (or vice versa).

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