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  1. I'm fancying trying my hand at time lapse. I've got a remote/timer, and am pretty confident using it, but I need some software to actually string the shots together. I use Paintshop Pro X6 but there doesn't seem to be the facility to do this. Could anyone recommend any please. (preferably but not necessarily free!) Any help or advice will be gratefully received.
  2. Sounds familiar. When they had to reverse the stupid bus stop works at Bents Green part of the cost was borne by the contractors as they'd done the work incorrectly. Simple, put in a freedom of information request about the cost. We did about the Bents Green fiasco. A request costs nothing and you submit it via the council website.
  3. Amey's contract gives them the right to dispose of replaced material, so they can rip up yorkstone flags, replace them with tarmac and flog the flags off for a tidy price.
  4. Mary, Queen of Scots in Sheffield Mary Queen of Scots Monday 8th September 7.30 Central United Reform Church – Chapel Walk/Norfolk Street Illustrated Talk by David Templeman – Friends Of Sheffield Manor Lodge. What was the life like of ‘Scotia’s Beauteous Queen’ while in captivity in Sheffield ? Did she really have an escape tunnel from the Manor Lodge so she could have some ‘after bird’ at the ‘Old Queens Head’? Come along and find out! Pre-booking is required and should be sent to bigronclayton@hotmail.co.uk £2 members & concessions, £3 non members. Refreshment facilities are available
  5. As opposed to those proposed by the Tories, where it's not what you know, or who you know, but how much cash have you given the party?
  6. The chapel on Cemetery Road (tall pointy thing, hard to miss) is being converted into an art space for exhibitions etc.
  7. A reminder that next Sunday sees the re-enactment of a forgotten piece of Sheffield's history, the surrender of Sheffield Castle to the Parliamentary Army, courtesy of the Sealed Knot. There's no re-enactments in Norfilk Park this year so don't miss this one. Royalist or Roundhead, come and cheer or jeer!
  8. Apparently surrogacy for money is illegal in Thailand. The baby was diagnosed as having Down Syndrome in the womb and the couple asked the mother to have an abortion but she refused because she is a Buddhist
  9. There was a public notice in the Sheffield Telegraph last week listing the roads and times. 11 til 3 is when the cycling takes place, but I think the roads will be closed longer.
  10. According to the latest from the Council, the volunteers will have access to the library catalogue and computers. Will the volunteers be given training in their responsibilities under the data Protection Act, since they'll have access to the personal details of all library members, and their reading. Apparently one volunteer at Woodhouse is only 13. Is there a minimum age for accepting volunteers? The Council will be helping some libraries with cash to help fund buildings etc. What about books? If a volunteer library raises cash to buy books etc, will they be willing or required to loan them to meet requests at other libraries? Will they be able to levy their own fines at whatever rates they set? It will be interesting to see how many are still running as libraries as opposed to community rooms with a few books in a year's time, and how many have closed as the volunteers drift away having realised what's involved.
  11. I live in Sheffield and often wondered where the planes passing over were going, so I use Flightradar24 to see where they're heading. It's been quite an eye opener. Sheffield seems to be at an aerial crossroads. We get the long haul Heathrow to North America flights, various European airports to and from Dublin, Manchester and Leeds, internal flights from London to various Scottish airports, all at high altitude (except those descending to Manchester and Leeds, though even these are still quite high) and usually producing vapour trails.
  12. Given the age of the site, more than likely. For many years it was used by the RAF as a site for the repair of radios and flight instruments. I understand as a result the place is also contaminated by the remains of numerous scrapped luminous dials with low-level radioactive paint which would have to be removed.
  13. We have a brilliant postie for whom nothing is too much trouble. Unfortunately, due to the reorganization being brought in by the newly privatized Royal Mail, he's being moved to a different area, after 22 years on our round. We'll be getting two new posties who don't know the area, let alone the people.
  14. Tapton and King Edwards playing fields, like the school buildings do not belong to the council but to the developer who rebuilt them. The developer hires out the playing fields and school premises out of hours for their own profit, hence the floodlights that light up the valley from Crosspool to High Storrs every night (even in June). However, High Storrs school and playing fields still belong to the Council.
  15. I attended, and although I didn't count the names on the signing-in sheet (of which there were two in use), I got the impression there were more than that, and we went mid-morning. It's a shame not more turned up, but perhaps experience has shown that Sheffield Council consultations are a done deal. Or as one of the officers said to me when I pointed out our whole district, through routes and all, was being dropped, 'that's the price you pay for living somewhere nice'.
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