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  1. This stance which Occupy and other, equally commendable organisations have taken up is bound to wind the nasties up – I see they’re still repeating their same limp old arguments - they think that THEIR world is just fine, and so why would they want to improve anyone else’s? Don’t be drawn into their petty side issues. Selective vision is a soul destroying affliction it devours the devout from the inside out; and as with the mosquito’s anaesthetic bite, they don’t even feel it happening. Self righteous and overbearingly intolerant, these upright citizens - these table thumping Daily Mailers begrudge the temporary occupation of a few sq metres of space within the protective confines of ‘The Lords House’ to a few people who want nothing more than to express their disgust at an issue which threatens us all and ultimately, the planet itself. When we start to respond to small public gatherings with such unrestrained vitriol and go on to spend huge amounts of time, money and energy in an effort to dislodge these protesters shouldn’t we be ashamed for those who have who fought so tirelessly against institutional abuse of authority and civic bullying throughout Sheffield’s history? These respectable citizens don’t want to think about (let alone confront) these pressing issues – they want to play their nasty Xbox games and be the Mighty Ruler of their virtual world. They only want to project their destructive selfish opinions from the safety of their laptops they wouldn’t DARE stand up in a real public arena and actually speak out. Worse still and infinitely more undermining - are the views of the backward looking conservatives - who dismiss these issues as reactionary, ‘End of the world is nigh’ tosh and an affront to the Banner of Civilisation - (which they would die for). Let’s hope they never have to put their loyalty to the test; for the sake of all of our children. “When the sand was gone and the time arrived In the naked dawn just a few survived.. And in their hearts they turned to each other’s hearts for refuge. In the troubled years that came – before The Deluge. From ‘Late for the Sky’. Jackson Browne.
  2. Oooo! You don't like to practice what you preach do you! Twisting somebody elses words whilst at the same time lecturing everybody else on misquoting you! What you said was:Quote: I pointed out that neither the church nor any other religion SHOULD be doing anything nor is under any obligation to support Occupy. It was quite a simple and straightforward point, I'm sorry if this was too difficult. Perhaps you might like to ask your daughter's hamster to help you read the posts in future, you seemed to think it was quite bright? Re my argument being 'desperate'. Well not quite as desperate as claiming two men and a dog on a string in a badly supported provincial protest are 'crucial to the preservation of some degree of fairness in this country '. Well I suppose I was desperate supposing our entire legal system, the human rights courts, our democratic legislature and free press might have something to do with this when actually the only thing preserving the entire country is Lesley, her £70.00 and Deacon Dave with his trendy mohican sitting in the rain eating hot dogs. And I don't know why you're getting so worked up about the middle classes. The Occupy protesters are decidedly middle class. ========================================================================================= ====================================================================================== ================================================================================= You really are an exercise in tedium. Yes I did say that the church (if it wishes to be true to its principles) should be solidly behind Occupy. Now without a rambling diatribe if you please – where do I say that, ‘Any other religion’ should support them? You see, you do extend and modify the words of others – which you (and the hamsters), might think is very clever. But I’ve got news for you - -. Whatever – you are concerned only with WINNING arguments – I doubt that you’ve ever considered the position of others too deeply or tried to find common ground. I doubt that you’ve ever been even a teensy weensy bit inclined to concede that there just might be some value in the points of view of others. Now as for Hammy, she could be described as an exceptionally bright little hamster and undoubtedly could give you a run for your money but AGAIN you twist my words. Please point out where I say that Hammy is bright? Also I think you’ll find that there are many supporters of Occupy in MANY provinces and guess what – they’re not all pond-life OR middle class. But you see though I was born to working class parents, I myself am now distinctly middle class in the accepted sense. We both know that my reference to the ‘middle classes’ was to the archaic perceptions and attitudes of a ‘Mary Whitehouse’ middle class which is thankfully no more (except perhaps in your own household). Still, in your customary desperation you try to divide the ranks – with your petty and pernicious tactics – must try harder. I must point out (before Occupy do) that I am not connected to anyone in Occupy! I wouldn’t wish to damage their stance or reputation in any way. Check out my previous posts if you think I’m jumping on bandwagons.
  3. QUOTE=Badlittlepup;8500355]a) b)The Archbishop of Canterbury as head of the Church of England is a VERY left wing liberal. And today it is expected to be the Bishops in the House of Lords who will block the bill capping welfare payments at he equivalent of a £35,000 a year salary. The C of E is haemorraging conservative members to the RC Church which is deliberately targeting these members who are extremely disatisfied with the C of E because it is too left wing, too woolly and too liberal. Just because one Dean refuses to be threatened and intimidated by a group of people who appear to be less concerned with Occupy's supposed ideals and more concerned with picking a fight with the church and disrupting it's work doesn't mean the church is a cabal run by representatives of the banks which deserves everything it gets, much as I'm sure Occupy would like to think that. Perhaps you should have a think about that before pontificating about how much of a stickler you are for interpreting other people's ideas correctly. =========================================================== ============================================================== The LAST thing I would wish to do is to adopt ANY part of Christianity. And please don't extend my argument to suit your own dubious ends - please don't deliberately MIS-INTERPRET my words. Where do I say that 'ANY RELIGION' is obliged to support Occupy? 'I don't particularly have any interest in anything you say' - full stop - 'as you are obviously ignorant' of Occupy's aims and are more concerned with the affront to your delicate sensibilities regarding the low-life trespassing on such exclusive, elite and hallowed land than in social justice and 'the greater good'. I agree that the Archbishop is a relatively decent chap but he's one man - and takes the debate deeper into the mire of minutiae. So let's not split hairs - I use the word 'conservative' in a more general sense, you know, as in conformist or traditional. I see you don't challenge my assertion that they are in the main MIDDLE CLASS. Aaaaarrrrgh! And of course the C of E is haemorraging members to the R.Cs, now they really are loaded and we all know how the conservative middle classes like to be on the winning side. Your desperate argument loses what precious little credibility it had when you say things such as, 'Occupy are trying to intimidate threaten and disrupt The Church'. And, 'their SUPPOSED ideals' - and that they are deliberately 'picking a fight with The Church.' Don't you see that their aims are a little more altruistic than that and are crucial to the preservation of some degree of fairness in this country where the pledges of a nations mutual post-war gratitude echo mockingly down the years? And as tiresome as my insistance on not being mis-quoted and/or mis-interpreted might be, you really are stretching the gist of my post when you ramble on about me accusing The Church of being in league with the banks - why don't you have a nice glass of sherry and pop off to bed - you'll feel so much better in the morning.
  4. I don't normally reply to posts where the author has an I.Q. lower than our daughters hamster but in this case I'll make an exception. Just to be clear - I don't really believe in 'Jesus' but I believe that people like him, who have a social conscience, some degree of wisdom and are unafraid of challenging authority, have existed throughout human history. You've answered your question for me - correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's fairly well documented that 'Jesus' did indeed castigate the money lenders and His Dad frequently 'smote with great venom' the oppressor. So The Church should side with Occupy - if they want to be aligned with their Leader after all doesn't His Dad OWN The Church?? And why do you insist on exaggerating? Might it be that you MUST exaggerate in order to bolster your feeble arguments? For you couldn't possibly describe the little gathering in the corner as 'taking over the churchyard'. I wager you've not even seen the gathering - why have I got the feeling that you're gonna say you have? Anyway 'nuff time wasted trying to reason with the unreasonable - nite Hammy.
  5. Nice twist of words - you should be a (3rd rate) politician. You'd go far within the ranks of the present 'government'. Correct me if I'm mistaken but isn't Sheff Cathedral C of E? So wasn't HE saying that The Church of England is 'rolling in cash' and not 'every' church? Moot point maybe but I'm a stickler for accurately quoting and/or interpreting the ideas of others. The C of E most certainly IS rolling in money. What's more The Church SHOULD be solidly on the side of Occupy. Representatives of several religions on Nicky Campbell's talk show this morning made it very clear that Jesus would have taken up a very firm stance on the side of Occupy maybe you don't believe that Jesus existed anymore than I do but he is an accepted champion of socio-political rectitude. And men and women like him have existed throughout time. Let's not forget that the church is run by a very tight nucleus of middle class conservatives (apart from the few trendy motorbikin preachers that they chuck into the mix just to make us think otherwise). And they are obviously gonna get sniffy when folk are, in their veiw 'dissin their yard.
  6. Your proposal is notionally sound Mercurian - and congratulations on your decision to put this lame-brain straight. He does have serious issues to discuss but they are more to do with his mental condition than anything else.
  7. I can reccomend a great alternative to Disneyland. A few years ago we took our kids to to a canal basin outside Birmingham - gave them each a stick with a hook attached to the end of it and let them fish for bikes and supermarket trollies! They had great fun till our youngest fell in and almost drowned - on the up side she didn't need a bath that night though she stank to high heaven! Ha Ha - kids??
  8. How about Thatcher - she your hero too? Heath was an incompetant free-loader installed into government by the abhorrent sloths who REALLY run the country. I mean no disrespect to your father.
  9. Sad story but not uncommon I fear. These yanks hey - but they're only doing what America does best - reeling in the dollars on a monumental scale by whatever dubious means they have at their disposal.
  10. There’s a way round it. I had a beef with a seller re delivery costs and was furious when I found I couldn’t neg him. So I put up an item for sale – a t.v for £1.00 – no picture so that thousands have a look. Instead of a description I told the world what a thief the guy was. It took them a week to remove it!! No repercussions for me – they want EVERY penny of your business and don’t want to upset you too much – they said not a word to me.
  11. It is real scary to think that supposedly intelligent people can mess with the very survival of the planet by converting its resourses into lolly and stashing most of it in the banks that they own. It's their kindergarten mentallity that amazes me - 'I'm gonna eat all the cream buns before he does.' Yet, these super-rich have been 'keeping it in the family for decades so maybe they are intelligent - but so genetically inbred that they are simply insane.
  12. Well done tony -youre right - it's Saturday night and GUESS WHAT, I didn't CLOBBER the cab driver tonight!?
  13. Polls are by and large bo118cks. Don't we ALL know that? As resourses dwindle due mainly to the monumental avarice of the USA, 3rd world nations are beginning to realise that their leaders are in the pockets of iniquitous corporations; faceless untouchables who pull the strings of menial puppet politicians. Don't we ALL know that? You 'aint seen nuthin yet - wrap your babies well - dark clouds are gathering. cosy up to America if you have the dosh requirements to join their club - reality is coming to get you. Be aware though, that should you knock the activities of these 'people' too vociferously you will be considered an Enemy of the State - they may well be monitoring your internet activities as we speak - better log off quick. How many of you are actually DOING something - other than pouring scorn on those who ARE doing something?
  14. Now you really ARE getting into the realms of the ridiculous Solomon1 - most of the morons who are trashing your post can barely string a sentence together let alone use their brain cell to separate truth from fiction. You must be thoroughly exhausted trying to waken the dead heads - I admire your tenacity and your courage but I fear you are on a hiding to nowhere - a mountain of ennui lays before you. (But of course, you've got the bottle to climb it). Your pleas for patience and mutual respect are heart-breaking - and your appeals to past allegiances for support or at least, impartiality, were unsurprisingly, rudely rebuffed. Remember that most of these dreamers will ridicule your aims in order to distance themselves from the homeless dreadlocked winos and wasters whom they THINK are the main protagonists in this struggle. They want their imagined adoring audience to think that they are well off and carefree. They want to be on the side of the rich bullies. They don't want you disturbing their deep (if troubled) sleep. They will do anything to reinforce their delusion - they are alright jack (they hope). Even as the flames lick around their feet, they are sure that they are in no imminent danger and so what if their children and grand-children inherit a world where even cockroaches struggle to survive - they'll be long gone by then. They've given up Solomon1 - surrendered. So stop ranting you Muslim, xenophobic, aggressive troll - Coronation Street is about to start and the kids haven’t had their MacDonald’s Double Death Burgers yet. The 'Hereward the Wake' British spirit died in them long ago, beginning perhaps with the odious Thatcher government - they are whimpering cowards in the face of what they see as a hard scrap – they can’t be arsed to listen never mind get off their fat arses and actually DO something. They hope that by being very still and quiet, the monster will pass them by. Their simpering salutations to the almighty God £$£$£$£$ will, they hope one day see them safely installed in an earthly heaven. Don't wake them Solomon1 - as you've found they will despise you for it - they don't want to fight - they want to watch Corrie and play that new Wally Murs c.d. They play out their daily charade of Mr+Mrs Affluent hiding the truth even from themselves. But when they arrive home, and open the door, they tremble at the sight of the mail laying there on their doormat like an unexploded bomb. They’re mortgaged and re-mortgaged to the hilt - up to the neck in crushing high interest debt. Meanwhile their hero’s from Corrie are earning a few extra quid on the side doing ads – trying to sell them something they don’t need. But if Molly Bracketface off Corrie says it’s a bargain – then it’s a bargain. There are a lot of people on here who are with you but as is often the case with reasonable people who care about others, they don’t want to rock the boat or make enemies. Good luck Solomon1.
  15. I might answer YOUR points when you answer mine - anyway you can qualify my points all by yourself simply by being a little more objective and observant and a little less sycophantic. (From here on in this post can be applied to whomsoever it may concern). My position is never less than crystal clear - unlike some of you simpering sops that rarely, if ever, court controversy unless certain of your alignment with the majority. Having said that there are a number of S.F.ers for whom I have great respect and admiration who also have neither the desire nor the need to run with the yapping snapping pack. If my observations make you uneasy to the point where you would suggest that I'm a muslim or a xenophobe or in some way bent on the destruction of America, I suggest that you look more at your own motives for defending America than at my motives for attacking it. (Harleyman's sh*t scared to say anything bad about America in case the C.I.A come a'knockin'). But it's great isn't it, being part of a BIG gang united against a common enemy - the smell of napalm in the morning eh? Aaah. So for those of you who scowl and maliciously generalise with regard to the French - the homeless - the unemployed -immigrants - devotees of a particular religion - thin toilet paper - etc etc etc; don't entrust all of your faith to the mighty American dream - you might just wake up - ONE DAY.
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