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  1. It has an external hard drive, I’m thinking it’s the power supply now. I’m going to buy a new one if I can’t find a matching one at home. thanks for the input guys
  2. Thanks guys but it’s stuck on boot, so can it flash from that? Boot with a red dot
  3. I’ve been using a Zgemma h2s box for freesat for a few years. It’s suddenly stopped booting up and I’ve been told it needs flashing. Is there anywhere in or around Sheffield that could do this?
  4. The football stadium, planning has not even been put in for, if you check the planning applications, nothing. Also I am led to believe it is dependent upon their current ground being allowed to be sold for housing, no planning in for that. If they get planning I assume it would be nearer end of 2023 early 2024 for completion. I agree should they get the go ahead it would only add to the already congested roads around Meadowhead roundabout. This council is so anti car you can’t say what they’d do regarding access to the retail park.
  5. Anyone who drives to St James Retail Park knows that the entry into it is ridiculous. It has one lane in yet 2 out. I saw the traffic on Monday and the back up at Meadowhead roundabout was as a result of this very reason, people waiting to enter the retail park were backed up to and beyond the roundabout. This led to a knock on effect on Greenville Avenue and Greenhill Main Road, even cars coming from Dronfield bypass, the traffic at Noon was horrendous. The entry is further compounded by the very very tight turning left or right once you have managed to enter, people have to wait more than they should, holding up the traffic behind them. Obviously many reasons do not help the traffic in the south of Sheffield but at Meadowhead I 100% think it’s the entry road into St James.
  6. Unfortunately for me I hadn’t realised it was still (just) within warranty grrrrrr. I had to take to dealer. It it’s good to know for next year when it’s not tho. ill probably go to the one near Broadfield as it’s closest to me.
  7. Awesome list Dannyno, Sheffield really was great in the late 70s early 80s so many amazing bands came to The Limit, Top Rank, Polytechnic, University and Leadmill. If they didn’t come here you could travel to Retford Porterhouse, Doncaster Outlook or Rotters, even Chesterfield put on bands at Fusion. Happy days.
  8. I think so it’s a C3, so I’d prefer a mechanic/ garage who knows Citroen. thanks for the info guys, much appreciated
  9. Anyone know of a Citroen specialist near Woodseats S8? Seems Regent House Motors at Queens Road is no longer trading. Any help appreciated , thanks
  10. Anyone know of a Citroen specialist near S8? . Seems Regent House no longer at Queens Road . Any help appreciated , thanks
  11. Lowedges. My son recently bought a house on Lowedges. It’s ex council so very well built. Before anyone says that it’s rough up there, I’ll say have you been? I live close by , at Norton and was unsure when he wanted to buy there but where he is everyone is really nice, majority of homes around him are private, some council. He has a good bus service , good schools and he loves it. If you have a car you are just a short drive from the Peak District. It’s also close to Chesterfield.Being single it was one of very few areas he could afford on one wage, but, as I said he loves it. only downside no descent pubs but just a bus ride to Woodseats where there are a good few pubs and restaurants. I’d say look around there.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I’ll see if they get in touch.
  13. Sorry, yes the freehold. we pay a fee ( small amount) ground rent each year.
  14. Our house is a leasehold property, however this year we have not been sent a payment request. ShouldI contact them, or leave it? We are thinking that we may like to buy the lease ( or whatever it’s called) and wondered if it may go against us at a future date if we missed a payment. Any help/suggestions appreciated.
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