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  1. My great grandmother Erby Goodison lived at the bottom end of Gleadless Road where the new units are down from Sheaf View pub.
  2. There is a new survey online. Make your views known. Here’s the link https://bit.ly/meadowhead2 cant see a date for when it’s ending.
  3. Where can I find the survey , I’ve looked online but can’t find anything. I did however find this “ the council are having a meeting where this proposed development will be discussed. They hope to have Highways and Planning officers, and representatives from Sheffield FC and Sheffield Eagles, at the next South Local Area Committee this public meeting is to answer questions from the public and local councillors. This public meeting will be held on the 7th March at 6pm at Meadowhead School. “
  4. At Planner 1,Yes I do know how to use the quote but I didn’t want the irrelevant waffle in between. What is the point of double yellow lines if they aren’t patrolled ? as the matches would be played at weekends and evenings this is when the parking enforcers don’t work. Pointless waste of money. When the original survey was undertaken which the result was 50/50 I believe,I’m pretty sure it did not include Sheffield Eagles also using the ground. Maybe a new survey is needed . Speaking to people living in the area surrounding the proposed new football stadium some have lived here for many many years and they do not want this. The residents fear that should this go ahead that there will be very little respite from the noise and the light pollution that they will no doubt be on the receiving end of. The transport club has had many many complaints in the past about noise and this development would generate noise on a much more regular louder basis. As mentioned previously by another forumer the local people have purchased their houses in what they have always known to be primarily a residential area , unlike the people who bought their houses near Sheffield United or Sheffield Wednesday grounds as they know before they purchase what to expect every other weekend when it is the football season. For the people of Greenhill this could be almost every weekend and evenings should the rugby & concerts get the go ahead. At the moment I believe the Eagles are in the Championship league, but if they get back in the super league the club would expect to get many , many more fans at each game. How many would drive there? It would be very naive to not expect fans from the other side of town to use their car, why would you go for possibly over an hours ride on a bus if you have a car? Plus the away fans would come by car & coach. If this were to go ahead I feel like the people in the surrounding areas should get a reduction in the council tax also the developers should be made to put traffic lights on every exit on Meadowhead roundabout and for every household within a mile radius install triple glazing for noise control. Something better suited would probably go down well with the residents much better but I do not feel that this development is the correct one for the area .
  5. “If the problem only becomes apparent after the development comes into use, you can’t go back and make the developer pay for something else to fix it.” Meanwhile the residents have to put up with cars parked here there and everywhere because the developers put in too few parking spaces. “We put in some extra yellow lines to deal with parking in inappropriate locations.” And I have yet to see any parking services come and ticket any inconsiderately parked cars and they never come in the evening or at weekends, so putting double yellow lines down does not deter anyone. “The Arena has a capacity of 12,000 and has less than 1000 parking spaces. Seems to manage reasonably well.” Have you seen some of the surrounding streets when concerts etc are on , plenty of cars parked there and that’s with the super tram being nearby, regular and cheap.
  6. I’m sorry I thought you were . You see I moved to Norton 9 years ago, a nice quiet road then St James was built and although there is a large car park we get many many people parking on our road, and I can see from my house that the car parks are not full. So I can pretty much say that even if a large car park is built some people just do not like to sit in queues to exit and will park on residential roads for a quicker get away.
  7. Presumably the parking spaces you are referring to would be on the surrounding residential streets. This alone could lead to traffic snarl ups as driver find places to park,Planner1 previously said that “Sundays the quietest day of the week in traffic terms”, well obviously they’ve never gone to St James Retail Park at the weekend, it’s as bad on a Sunday as it is on a Saturday. But then they most likely do not live in the area, so they like others on this thread who live elsewhere think it’s a good thing. All it would do is make the traffic in this area worse than it currently is. For one thing the lovely grass verges that the area currently has would be churned up and become a muddy mess. If anyone has ever ventured into Dronfield on a match day you would see that the car park for the supporters gets full and the cars then park from the Coach & Horses pub all the way up to the carvery, creating traffic havoc. So tell me that this won’t happen should this development goes ahead, because I guarantee it would.
  8. Can’t see it mentioned but there is a public consultation at the Transport Club next Tuesday November 28th 4pm until 8pm. Go along and see what they have to say and you can also give your objections should you have any.
  9. If they do get the go ahead and they put concerts in I would imagine it would be full quite often. As others have already mentioned the main problem is the road infrastructure surrounding this proposal is very poor. St James Retail park since being built has made the road into/out of it and surrounding roads snarled up every weekend. Given that one weekend will be football and the other ( where it will overlap in the summer) rugby the roads will not cope. The roads around it will be used for parking, as are the surrounding roads nr St James. Historically this development should be at Hallam FC which has the official oldest football ground in the world. Given that Sheffield FC is already saying ( on their website) they will be playing there methinks a few palms have been greased.
  10. I thought the same thing. Unless they have a cafe or sell other things. But still very big .
  11. Someone on Facebook have said it’s going to be a flower shop relocating from Meersbrook. As Hollyhocks is closing it could do quite well.
  12. Waites family had in late 70s early 80s. Knew their son Craig.
  13. They are on Facebook and frequently post if there is a cancellation. But yes they are booked well in advance usually.
  14. If you can travel a little further try the secret italian barnsley. There is a waiting list but believe me it’s well worth it.
  15. I’ll check it out, thanks. Used to be a few around but can’t find any now.
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