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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about looking for a venue that I could hire out on a Saturday night for a birthday celebration that's coming up. Ideally, it'd be good to find a place that is happy for us to put a few of our own decorations up and would perhaps accommodate a DJ if we chose to hire one or do it ourselves. As a first port of call, I thought I'd ask if any Forummers know of anywhere that would be ideal and hopefully not too pricey! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Sheffield is lacking enough independent restaurants, especially in the city centre, where there are far too many chain places.
  3. Also, yes we do still have sex - regularly! It sounds as though nothing is wrong actually when I write it down like this, perhaps it's just me being paranoid as I said and I kind of hope that's the case and that I can chill out before things go wrong between us.
  4. Thanks for the replies all - will try and answer as much as I can! We live together. He says nothing has changed and says he is just not very good at talking about stuff, so I guess that should be a sign that I should leave it and accept it but I've told him I understand that he doesn't like to talk much but it would mean a lot to me if he could express himself a bit more, but still nothing changes. I've tried doing sweet little things that I wouldn't normally do but he doesn't seem to massively appreciate it and when I've brought that up, he just says he wants me to be myself. He tells me he loves me but only when I say it first.
  5. I don't really know why I'm posting on here, I don't know what people can say to help but my partner is driving me around the bend!!! We've been together a couple of years now and it seems to be going into that phase where he's just loads more laid back about stuff and doesn't feel the need to make massive romantic gestures or say romantic things much to me anymore but I'm not in that phase yet and I completely get paranoid that he's just going off me! He says not and I hope he's right, I don't want to push him into going off me but this is driving me nuts. Has anyone else ever struggled to adjust to this change in dynamics of a relationship? Is it all likely to be ok? I really want things to work and hope I am just being paranoid when I feel like he's backing off. I know it can't be sustainable for someone to always be super romantic, or at least I hope not, but I just want to get to a point where I feel comfortable with these changes in dynamics.
  6. Hi, Has anyone done the SPICE social club thing in Sheffield? Just taken a look at the website and would be grateful for some honest opinions on it! How often are the events that take place?
  7. I feel almost exactly the same as you relost! I am in a relationship at the moment, though, but I'm terrified when I get this low feeling that I'm going to push my partner away. The feeling I get is 'there must be more to life than this' - I think it's been brought on because my social circle is changing at the moment - friends busy with their careers or settling down and although I have my own career, it's steady and doesn't take physically take me places so I often feel a bit lost. I feel aware that I shouldn't rely on my partner or friends to entertain me but knowing how to make constructive use of my time on my own and feeling happy with spending time on my own can be very difficult. Despite this post making it sound like I'm a miserable bugger, I really am a sociable person and would also like to get out and do more things, meet more people just like relost so it's interesting to know what's out there!
  8. How do you reckon you can keep your relationship fresh once you have found someone with the qualities you desired?
  9. What qualities do you look for in a long-term partner? What do you reckon it takes to make for a lasting relationship?
  10. Notice how the genuine argumentative Forummers are keeping a low profile on this thread!!
  11. Actually, what I get up to in my spare time is my own business and it's not up to you to pass comment - how inappropriate are you! I disagree wildly with your comments!!
  12. Why are there people on this Forum who go out of their way to argue with anyone and everyone, wildly making sarcastic remarks at everything said?! I actually find it really amusing so thought I'd start this pointless thread to congratulate all those argumentative Forummers, instigate an argument or snide comment from them and tell them they're also a bit sad!
  13. Exactly, it can drive you mad thinking about when they were together, although I try to stop myself as it's not right to torture myself!! I also wonder what the nature of their friendship is now, I guess I should be more trusting
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