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  1. My Auntie has a lost Cat missing fron Winn Gardens, S6. Soxie is 12 years old and has been missing from home since 15th February. He's a timid cat and unlikely to approach anyone so it's very out of ordinary for him. Please can people check their outhouses, sheds and vehicles just in case he has been trapped. Please call Maria on 07769953598 if any news. Here is a link to the picture. Sorry can't figure out how to upload a direct image https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158446758670253&id=893860252
  2. Hello all. Well little Jack Alfie is now 5w 4days. He's beautiful and settled in with us really well. Pregnancy was ok, but labour went as unexpected.. EMCS. However, I recovered quickly and am very happy
  3. I've not been on the forum in so long, but my cousin uses this so thought I'd give it a go. I'll have a look through threads and see whats useful over the next few weeks! Just want to introduce myself. I'm 31, live in Rotherham. I'm professional, in a full time career. Myself and hubby got married in September, started trying straight away and pregnant by November! It was faster than expected. I am 20 weeks now, and my scan is this Friday. We think we are not going to find out the sex to have a surprise. I leave for holidays then maternity leave in July and am taking 40 weeks off! Any advice much appreciated! I am so excited!! But a little scared!
  4. Haha! Thank you. Glad you could both make it. You are part of our mad family now you've been to a wedding. It's official! See you at yours?? lol Hope the house move is going well
  5. I was reminded of this thread bya friend not so long ago and I decided to come back on and update the thread. Myself and Mr First Date are now married as of September this year Seems life can get better hehe
  6. I will try to keep this as short as possible. After having looked for an exchange for some time, we have found someone who is very keen to swap. We are with SYHA and she is with RMBC. The tenant of the property is very young and wants to move so her and her son are closer to friends who live a couple of streets away from us. We are going to look at her property tomorrow, but have seen photos and looked on google street view and like the area and the look of the house. I asked her about the cost of her rent, as the charge looked quite high to us for Rotherham Council Rent. It is £35 per week more than ours. She said that she has a charge for curtains and carpets which is around £30 a week. She said that housing benefit covers that cost for her. Myself and my partner both work and if truth be told we would prefer not to have the property part furnished, but we would cope with carpets and curtains if this was a condition of exchange. I have called the council, but as we haven't yet set the wheels in motion, we could not get too much info. They say that generally speaking people have a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package and that if the house in question has one then that is a condition of the tenancy. He then said that exchanges are usually done on a like for like basis and as our house is not furnished at all that if he were the officer overseeing the exchange he would deny it on those grounds. Now I have looked into schedule 3 of the housing act and nowhere does it say that this is a legal ground for denial of exchange. Legal reasons are if either tenant has been served a notice of possession, the property is too large for our needs or designed for a disabled person. I have also looked into furnishing on the RMBC website and it states that tenants have the option to remove themselves from the furnished scheme if they so wish and return all of the items. The tenant has lived in the property a year and half so she could not choose this option prior to our hopeful move in! Obviously, we wouldn't know the actual outcome until the forms have been submitted by both parties, but does anyone have any experiencing of a similar scenario, or have any legal advice on where we might stand?
  7. Thanks everyone. I'll be trying to claim myself. Hi Andy I gained finance through a broker. I was simply told the cost of my monthly payments once I'd read all of the paperwork. I wasn't told that the PPI was optional, simply that it was part of the plan. In my naivety I signed. When I tried to claim, the finance company, stated they had a signed statement from a calls handler who signed to say he'd explained it was optional. They believe this was grounds to refuse my claim. I disputed this by telephone explaining that as I hadn't signed this and there was no recorded call, or paperwork supplied to me it had no standing. They issued me with a letter to say I had 6 months to contact the ombudsman. I didn't do so. My query is, can I start the proceed again by writing to the finance company?
  8. I haven't posted in while. I am looking for some advice regarding a financial matter. Some time ago, I tried to pursue a claim for PPI through a car finance provider. I received notice back that they found no evidence of miss selling and I had to go through ombudsman should I so wish. At that time I had a lot going on in my personal life and for one reason or another failed to do so. I am now back on top form and wondering am I legally allowed to try and pursue this again, or are there guidelines that state I cannot do so? I have tried some search terms online, but cannot locate the info I require. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to get a photo printed onto a T shirt, and if so does anybody know whereabouts in Rotherham or Sheffield I could get this done?
  10. Just the figures you have listed come to 53.25 not 47.75 which is why there may be a bit of confusion. I have to agree the car would go, as would the sky sports and the lottery. You can't really expect people to have some answer to how you can survive and buy heating and food when you choose to spend a significant proportion on those things.
  11. Doubtful this would happen. I'm sure some landlords are respectful and honest, but others less so. Either/ Or- I can't see that the majority would be able to afford/ want to spend their income generated through property on CCTV. I also thought it was not allowed to have a privately owned camera on a public right of way/ public area that belong to the council? Would landlords really want to focus their CCTV on their tenants cars when this property is not their own, and risk possible court cases through "breach of human rights" or whatever. You have a fair point, but there are lots of loopholes and reasons not to do this
  12. Doubtful. 20 years ago I was 10.. so it would have been pretty difficult. My brother is 21, and has a job, a car and somewhere to live all through his own doing. Irrespective of the "society", respect is learnt through upbringing and surroundings.
  13. How lovely of him! There are still some decent people out there!
  14. Nice idea mate.. but I doubt anyone will own up to it. It makes me sad the lack of respect for other peoples property that some people seem to have these days. Just be glad it didn't cost you more.
  15. Tuesday 30th B- 2 weetabix, 1 slice granary toast with marmite. coffee. orange juice L- Tuna Salad with heaps of baby beetroot S- 1 Yogurt, 1 cereal bar D- More salad, with a homemade cheese anc bacon pie (no pastry crust) Wednesday 31st B-2 slices granary toast with lemon curd, orange juice, tea L- Small peices chicken breat. Fruit cocktail with apple, grapes and strawberries. Water. Packet of Cheesy Wotsits D- Quorn Spaghetti Bolognese with extra veggies chucked in. Diet Coke. Yogurt Thursday 1st B- 2 weetabix, A yogurt, tea, water L- Chicken Tikka and Rice, roast veggies D-(Jamie Olivers Italian Kitchen with work) St-Bruschetta with devinshire crab, chilli and lemon mayonnaise. M- chargrilled Chicken, with a warm tomato, olive, chilli and caper sauce with posh chips in truffle oil!. D- Mango sorbet and Blood Orange Sorbet. So yummy! 1 glass rose, water Friday B- 2 weetabix, 1 strawberry yogurt with peaches, grapes and oranges. Apple Juice, Tea L- Wholemeal roll with Chicken breast, sundried tomatoes and roast veggies. Watermelon. Diet Coke D-Chicen Madras, Pilau Rice, I chipati. Diet coke Saturday B- 2 slices wholemeal toast with marmite, coffee L- Apple, Yogurt. Water, tea D- 2 tacos with salad and cherry tomatoes. 2 x diet coke Sunday B- 2 weetabix, tea. L- Tuna Salad, apple and mango juice. 1 yogurt D- Stir fry with reggae reggae marinaded chicken, and noodles with soy sauce. Diet coke Monday B- 2 weetabix. A slice wholemeal toast. Tea. L- Leftover stir fried veggies with cod piece, diet coke, S- 1 packet Quavers and low fat hummus, I solero orange ice lolly D-Steak in gravy on yorkshire pudding with peas and green beans. Tea Strawberry Jelly Tuesday B- 2 weetabix, 1 slice toast with marmite. Orange juice L- will be a roast veggie and light philly wrap, apple and yogurt D- 2 Chicken fajitas with extra salad (Why do they not do wraps in small packs/ or keep for longer than 1 day?)
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