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  1. Think i read on here about the area and the road leading up to the village, only read about it cos i used to take to them hills on my crosser lol
  2. How do i wipe a hard drive to fit to a new set up please.
  3. Remember the doughnut machine very well at the bottom of the steps. mmmmm
  4. Them sink drains comes to mind,wot a pong. New a Mick cronin.
  5. Anybody worked at record ridgeways on allen street? Buildings are now deralict and a sorry state. Me and a friend went for a look round 1 dinner. Couldn't believe the fantastic graffiti art work inside on the walls. There was even a rave 1 weekend i heard,well we did see the evidance. Took some pics inside will post them sometime if anybody is interested. big place and lots of different rooms and floors.
  6. Anybody remember going to the engineering industry training board,on peter street?
  7. Jogi what a thread this has been for you and many people. what were the smaller buildings next to the gardens,facing limestone cottage lane. The ones with the tin roofs.
  8. I have windows 7 and trying to get my old scanner to work with no joy. There is no drivers for windows 7. The scanner is a Mustek bearpaw 4800ta pro. Can anybody help plz.
  9. This is what i can't understand cos i used nero.
  10. It keeps saying . Classfactory cannot supply requested task.
  11. This is doin my head in. Managed to veiw the cd with nero show time,also managed to copy into my pictures ok. Now i can't view the pictures seperatly with anything. help needed before i smash it. all i want do do is seperate some pics to send to relatives. Thanks.
  12. managed it in nero but wouldn't work at first. Thanks people,now i need to know how to copy to hard drive please.
  13. Hi We are trying to view a cd of pictures that we have saved. However when we get the contents of the cd up it tells us that we are unable to view them as they are incompatible. We have worked out that they are dat files and we have no idea how to view them. Before telephoning the tech guys and spending a lot of time and effort on the phone anyone got any idea how we can sort this. Thanks.
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