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  1. he most certainly was a grandad to be proud of. my dad (cyril) was a moulder as well. he worked for samuel osbornes for many years.
  2. i knew tony hunt very well, did you know bert fowler and jeff green as well.
  3. the helen wilson was at the corner of harvest lane and rutland road, before you went under the bridge, where the forest pub is. i've been told it used to be the rutland hotel, true or not i don't know. i also understand that rutland road used to be called wilson street, so i should imagine that's where the name comes from. it was a great youth club though.
  4. that's what i'm trying to find out as i need to know who were the may queens over the years. i was christened there too in 1951. what was your families name. if i get any info. i'll most certainly let you know.
  5. of course i know your dad. when you see him tell him carol walkers asked about him. i knew all the family. good or bab. he never hurt no one. he knew my brothers very well as well. alan and barrie walker. maybe you did. my regards to everyone from carol
  6. did you live nearby and if so what is your name if you don't mind me asking.
  7. talking about mr flemming. the teacher with the dummy hand. well i was caned for sloping my writing the wrong way, in other words it should have been italic style, the marks were still on my hand a week later and another girl on the same day was caned for not using blotting paper to avoid fingerprints. what a nice man he was. if anyone forgot thier pen we had to somehow get him on the subject of gardening. as we all know how he loved his gardening. that was his weakness you see.
  8. i remember denise bishop and marie marsden very well. they were in the same class as me. were you in the same class as well. surely you must remember mr flemming the english and maths teacher. my name was walker at the time
  9. it became the abc in 1961. before that it was called the cannon picture house. did anyone go there when it was the cannon? i know i didn't. i remember seeing gone with the wind in 1968. i was also one of the few who saw "the sound of music" at the odeon at around 1965-66.
  10. can't say that i do. what year was that?
  11. did anyone go to chaucer. i was there from 1963-1967. in the fourth year i was in mr dowsons class. mr newham was deputy head and mr darville was head teacher. mr collinson was the library teacher does that jog anybodys memory.
  12. did any one go to the helen wilson. i went there in 1963-1967 the murdocks, the hunts. and the green family were there, also bert fowler and mick haigh and the mannings were there at that time. does anyone remember them.
  13. thanks a lot malc. ive been trying to get to know what he recieved his bem for, which i now know was for his work on the matilda tanks. he was a moulder for edgar allen at the time. i can now look into military records for any other info.
  14. my auntie, lives in the house where thomas mooney lived. he actually lived there as well in the early fifties with my auntie and uncle. she's lived there now for nearly 60 years. before she married she lived at bridge st when the mooneys lived on corporation st.
  15. my grandad recieved a BEM for his work on the matilda tanks in WW2. does anyone have any information what so ever of where this took place
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