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  1. Recent Paldark haunting tune goes well with the Cornish landscape!
  2. So happy to hear that, must feel like winning the lotto!x
  3. Absolutely Mrs Brown Kieth Lemon rubbish, also loved Dinner Ladies and Early Doors, Royle Family, didn't like the later ones of the Royles though!
  4. I also like This Country although I don't bust a gut laughing! havnt actually done that since the 80s and 90s only fools, faulty towers,and later stuff with Peter Kay!
  5. There is a good nut bar in the moor market, looks like the same one that was in M/hall!
  6. Love this program amazing work these people do, does have me in floods of tears every week though!
  7. Its a very sad and strange case, I cant imagine what the dogs owners are going through! they become a part of the family, but sadly I think they are probably dead after all this time,
  8. I cant get my head around this storyline with Yasmeen she has always come across as this strong woman, then marries jeff and starts letting him control her every move! is this logical!
  9. I liked the original, much prefer this new version hope they decide to do a series!
  10. I enjoyed all three, very well acted kept me engrossed, a bit weird though!
  11. Even though I was only 10 years old, Aberfan, also The Moors murders further down the line Elvis and John Lennon!
  12. I also enjoyed the movie very atmospheric, although some people have been offended by the use of the Gary Glitter song I think it was a good choice, and from what I have read people have walked out because of the violence which I didn't feel was too bad.
  13. thank you all for the help, its been eating away at me for quite a few years now! just after some answers! Penny xx
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