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  1. Interesting comparisons pininsho. I didn't realise how run down and drab parts of Manchester are. I thought my home town of Brum is ugly enough but on your evidence Manchester gives it a good run for it's money.
  2. Glad to see my home city still keeping the standards up with their displays. Birmingham's parks department was always one of the top in the country and won numerous awards many years ago but over the last few years the standards had dropped a little so I'm glad to see the standard appears to have risen again.
  3. My bold. Unfortunately so, which brings the area down for the vast majority of people who don't live that way.
  4. Very interesting proposals but very expensive to implement I would imagine. Do you have any figures on how much traffic this would reduce in the city as it seems to be a very extensive expansion of the system?
  5. I can't believe there is so much space left to build on in the council estates of the city at a time when the green belt is under so much pressure of being developed.
  6. I hear Nick Griffin was furious when he got pelted with eggs recently. He said they should have seperated the whites first! Just a joke I heard. I don't believe he actually said that.
  7. Unfortunately for you..........because of your inability to debate seriously, accept failings in your beliefs when they are clearly proved to be wrong and to tell such blatant lies all means that both you and your religion will continue to be attacked and insulted by numerous posters on this forum making sure that you are kept firmly in your place as an outcast on both this forum and society in general. After all if you're a liar, you're a liar Grahame. You wouldn't want us to say you aren't a liar would you? That would be us lying then. My morals are a lot higher than that.
  8. You seem to be making an assumption that because I am busy with my uni studies and have a wide range of interests outside of that there is no room for spiritual satisfaction. I get spiritual satisfaction from meeting so many wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful people) at uni as well as all the other interests I have that fill my life and give it such fulfillment. That statement of yours shows you just how desolate your life really is. The fact that you seem to struggle to get spiritual satisfaction from the world around you, so much so, that you feel the need to create some kind of highly personal (more so than most other religious people I've met) imaginary friend to get you through your everyday life in a world that you seem to have so much trouble in dealing with.
  9. Of course there's more to life than material possessions or are you naive enough to think that all atheists care about are 'material possessions'?
  10. What!!! You mean Grahame's a LIAR? Well I never.
  11. I've done a search of your name Grahame but nothing interesting came up. Could you please give more information so people who might have offended you can apologise? Thanks.
  12. I'm torn at the moment about who to vote for. It's between the BNP and the Green Party. It would be better if these two parties would merge. This would make it much easier for me.
  13. For anybody who's interested, my home city of Birmingham has a pride event this weekend and it looks like the weather might be OK. http://www.birminghampride.com/
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