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  1. There is an FAQ already here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/faq.php
  2. Very saddened to hear about this. RIP Paul. Condolences to family and friends.
  3. I've carried a piece of quartz in my wallet since 2005. Someone who means a great deal to me gave it to me to keep me safe while travelling. (Touch wood) it has done so far.
  4. Don't get coins via royal mint if you are seeking to invest. They are sold as collectors items in presentation packs, as an actual investment for the precious metal you'd be lucky to get half investment back when you sell them on. There are plenty of coin websites about where you can invest properly, presuming that gold and silver prices rise of course.
  5. I had a BMW Mini Cooper and did pretty much exactly the same route 5 times a week too. Daily commute was close to 90 miles. I saw a thread here the other day saying about reliability issues with Minis but I never had a single problem. Car was really comfortable, MPG wasn't too bad for a petrol car and other than services it was never in garage. I absolutely hated the journey though. That was one of contributing factors to me moving out of UK.
  6. Clear your SF cookies then login again.
  7. You can't get Sky channels for free in Dubai unless you do it illegally.
  8. Fancy that, knowing about the place you live. Who'd have thought that was possible!?
  9. Not personally, but one of my friends has what is essentially a pet warthog. He's called Kevin and he rules.
  10. I quite like the 2nd to last battle in Equilibrium most. You're expecting it to last a bit longer than the half a second it does.
  11. Unless they message you directly I very much doubt you can set it to be notified whenever there is an update. The idea is that you follow 100s(ish) people, your news feed is busy, and that wouldn't really work with e-mail as twitter want you to read the newsfeed? I think you might just have to manually check for updates. Very willing to be proved wrong though.
  12. You're never too old to sleep on the floor. Just get drunker.
  13. Good grass pitch wins everytime. Not played on the old style astro turf for quite a while now. Me and some friends used to play at a working mens club in Handsworth with a fake grass and black rubber pitch. I always quite enjoyed that, much better than astro turf. No idea if that is a 3G, 5G or neither pitch though.
  14. Agreed. He was euthanised and essentially still in power when he died.
  15. As you said yourself legally you could be extradited. Just because you won't be at the moment doesn't really matter in the wider context of your question. You asked for proof that you were wrong and esme was right. I think that's been provided.
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