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  1. Went missing Saturday night on Rainbow Road Hackenthorpe, He has a black and silver patterned collar, He is micro chipped any info please contact me on 07415339525 or take him to your nearest vets. Thank you. More info and pics on here Animal Search UK http://www.animalsearchuk.co.uk/find-lost-pets/view-pet.php?p=183606&prt=1&viewru=1&sort_order=date&typeOfPet=1&lostOrFound=1&searchDate=2014-10-18&searchRadius=30&showResultsAs=List&petColour1=-1&petColour2=-1&petColour3=-1&petColour4=-1&petHasACollar=Ignore&petCollarColour=-1&GMapsLat=53.3482601&GMapsLng=-1.3636446000000433&GMapsLocationDesc=Sheffield%2C+South+Yorkshire%2C+United+Kingdom%2C+S12+4BE&page=1&search=1&lfonly=l
  2. We are a small group trying to organize a Metal Music Festival next year here in Sheffield. We are looking for a large piece of land to host this event. It will be for one day possible 2 on the weekend. we know we need to start small to build this up for future festivals. we will also be looking for volunteers and food stalls. For info please contact me on soulreaperpromotions@gmail.com
  3. Reason for Rehome / Sale - change in new job forces time away. Time Scale – How Urgent? - Not urgent Sale Amount - £450 Location- Hackenthorpe Age & Sex - 7 mths old male Breed/ Mix - pom Approximate size now and full grown size - fully grown approx small Micro chipped/ Breeders paperwork - N/A Vaccinated & Wormed had all vaccinations and wormed to date. Have vet card. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - None Temperament/Any handling issues - none very tame Easy to feed-yes Good or Bad with Children- great Dislike of Men or Women -none Destructive Behaviour- None General information that you can share- none
  4. No good for me kids back home today, any fri or sat I can do. So if anyone wants to meet up then let me know
  5. Well this is pointless if no one wants to actually meet up
  6. So who is out tonight then? forum possibly corp anyone?
  7. Well i bought mine off ebay for £250
  8. Rehome or Sale /Sale Reason for Rehome / Mardy Neighbours Sale Amount £180.00 ovno Location S12 Type of bird to Rehome / 3 warren hens With or Without Cage?/ with Large coop water and food dispenser food and bedding. Is the bird hand tame /yes Age & Sex /7mth all female Colour /mixed colours Live outside Any Current or Historical Health Issues/ None Temperament /Good Any special knowledge needed/ None
  9. Just started a new band mainly doing rock covers to start with but then will be writing our own material... Must be committed you can contact me here or by email at fiona_paramore@hotmail.com
  10. I have a few idea's on what I'm wanting Rock/metal gender so I need Guitarist 1 base and 2 rhythm. Drummer with a double kick drum kit if poss but not a necessity and a death growler lol for a few bits. And someone with turntables. Will go into more detail later. leave a message here or by text on 07876126087 after 7pm. it might take a few days to reply on here but by text il reply right away. Thanx Fee
  11. Highly Strung!!! Spandau Ballet Tribute Band is pretty damn good. It also has the ex bass player from The Bowie Contingent as well.. http://www.spandauballettribute.co.uk/
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