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  1. My 6 month old cat Rufus is missing from the Crawford Road /Norton Lees Road area S8. He's grey and small. Very affectionate but frightened of loud noises. If anyone spies him please call me on 07851 602 597 Thank you very much. I'm very worried! !! ---------- Post added 09-10-2017 at 16:40 ---------- In addition to the above - he is microchipped but has no collar
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for a painter and decorator to paint my stairs and landing in my house. I'm putting the house on the market so need this doing ASAP. Can anyone recommended anyone? Everyone I've called is booked up for months! Thank you
  3. Thanks for all the tips everyone! I'll hopefully crack the behaviour as well as getting rid of the smell!!
  4. I've just used soap and water and a bit of disinfectant. He's spraying all over though whereas the other cat just managed three spots before we changed the catflap. My afternoon is now dedicated to more scrubbing!!!
  5. I have a three year neutered male who has recently started spraying in the house. A new, larger unneutered male recently moved into the area and was coming in the cat flap and spraying. We've resolved that by installing a microchip catflap but now my cat has started spraying in response, obviously to protect his territory as he feels threatened. I've bought a feliway plug-in but that hasn't helped. Has anyone got any suggestions? I'm so fed up of the smell and of crawling around on my hands and knees washing the kitchen walls and cupboard doors. It's embarrassing as much as anything else when your house smells!
  6. Maybe we have our answer - they've vastly underestimated our usage putting us miles in debt. We don'y use £111 worth of gas and electric a month, we're just paying off the debt. I've also just been stood watching the meter obsessively for some time. It definitely doesn't move when nothing's switched on. Thanks everyone!!! ---------- Post added 31-03-2014 at 17:45 ---------- Oooo, I tell a lie. In thirty minutes it's gone from 3941,485 to 3941,488. Could that just be the pilot light on the boiler?
  7. So we've used 42.79 Kwh then? Is that normal for a very typical 2 up 2 down poorly insulated double glazed Sheffield mid-terrace?!
  8. The meter readings are definitely right. The meter is just going up super quick. Yesterday at 3:15 pm it was at 03936.0475. Today at 7:15 pm it was at 03939.882. So that means we've used 3.8345 Kw/h in 27 hours I think. That's half what N Power say we're using a day from where they estimated we should be at on our meter reading. I wonder if they've just been undercharging us for a very long time - we've lived here for 3 years so if we're £300 in debt it might just mean that we've underpaid by £100 each year which is less than a tenner a month. If that's the case, they're really rubbish. They've had loads of readings from us.
  9. I did have a safety check with my service. All fine. The dial does stop when the heating etc is off. It just spins super quick when it's on. I'll have a double check tomorrow though. Maybe I just need a new boiler!
  10. The radiators are bled and all work fine. The bill says that's what our daily use is. I do wonder if something's wrong with the boiler and it's burning too much. Our water gets dangerously hot even when we turn down the water temperature on the boiler itself and it goes hot and cold constantly when you're showering (it didn't do this before my my recent boiler service!!). The radiators also get very hot. The room thermostat is fine as the heating does switch off when it gets to 17 degrees, it's just that the heating absolutely blasts out to get it to that temperature. I did mention the very hot water when I had my boiler service, but the guy didn't seem too bothered by that and said it didn't matter
  11. The meter readings are correct. I can't dispute that and it means we're over £300 in debt to them!
  12. Oh, that's interesting about the efficiency. I was told 94% when I had it serviced. He must have been exaggerating! I expected the price to go up slightly as I switched to a fixed tariff but the latest bill has gone from £63 to £111 (that's dual fuel monthly direct debit) The energy company has given us details of how much we've used over the past year compared to previous years. We're using 64.67 kWh per day for gas where they predicted 25.64kWh per day based on what we've used in the past. I just don't understand. We give readings fairly regularly so there's always some actual reading on our bills
  13. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice/suggestions. My gas bill has doubled in the past year - in part due to price rises but also due to increased usage. It's this increased usage that's confusing me. I have the thermostat set lower this year than last and have the heating on for much less time. I live in a 2 bed house where we wash up once a day and have 2 showers per day and have a gas hob for cooking. Other than that there are no gas appliances. Our use of the central heating has gone down and everything else is constant. Can anyone think of any reasons why my usage has gone up? I had a boiler service in January which showed the boiler running at 94% efficiency. Any advice gratefully received! Thank you!
  14. Daid: I just don't like the fact the neighbours think it's ok to keep my cat in all day and all night. I just wouldn't do that. I don't think it's right. I know a cat has it's own mind and will do what he or she wants but I don't think he should be encouraged. Sounds like it's a fairly common thing though!
  15. He does always come back. He's currently super comfy on my bed. I just miss him when he's gone and worry that he'll start to prefer the others (although they are not in possession of his favourite toy!). He'll be at home all day today because I'm off work but in this weather if I was out he'd def be slinking off to someone else's house. There's definitely more than one house he visits. One I've talked to and they've locked their cat flap so he can get out but not in and they don't feed him (I told them he was on a diet) but they also don't kick him out if he runs in through the door. I haven't worked out who the other neighbours are yet but I can tell when he's been round as he always smells delicious when he comes back. They must have a little spray-on pet shampoo or something. The other cat obviously gets really bored without him. The RSPCA only let her be re-homed in a house with other cats because that' what she was used to. Poor thing.
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