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  1. Hi, we are looking for a ginger kitten to join our family. We already have a ginger cat (6 ) and two dogs (9&6) We’ve tried rescues with no luck and have our name on several lists. Happy for home check to be done if needed.
  2. Hi, We are looking for a ginger kitten to join our home. We already have a 6 year old ginger cat and two dogs so if it’s used to other animals that would be amazing. Happy to wait if the kittens aren’t ready yet.
  3. If your car was drove into today on cookswood/shirecliffe road around 4.15/4.20pm I witnessed it but couldn't stop (before anyone starts it wasn't serious it was a minor bump) The driver that hit the back of your car was to busy on his phone and not watching traffic flow.
  4. Today (around 12pm) whilst I was in costa a man with his mum passed out and stopped breathing. I have been thinking about him all day, I was just wondering if anyone knew him and how he was.
  5. That would make a lot of sense, my partner went past and said they were camcorders on tripods everywhere.
  6. This years lights are definitely the worse yet, I miss the big bear display they used to have at the bottom of the stairs near where build a bear is (think its a coffee shop now )
  7. :help: I have just tried to bid on this weeks houses but it stays "You are not eligible for this property because: You have already been nominated on another property" What does this mean? Have I finally been offered an house? I havent had a call or anything. please help, I really dont want to wait until tuesday to find out whats happening. thank you
  8. Could you let me know his address so I can get them to him please. Inbox me ---------- Post added 05-01-2016 at 19:55 ---------- I will look thanks
  9. I've checked with neighbours, no one knows who it could be.
  10. I've received some birthday cards addressed to a Mr b Owen and would like to get them to the correct person. If this is you or you think you know him please get in touch.
  11. I have a black bag full of bedding and a small dog coat, Only thing is I cant get it down to them at the moment, If anyone in s5 is going down any chance you could collect and drop off?
  12. Reason for Rehome / Sale Having to down size Time Scale – How Urgent? not urgent Sale Amount £40 Location sheffield Age & Sex 2 years Female Breed/ Mix hypo Viv size needed minimum of 2ft (can supply viv at cost) Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues non Temperament/Any handling issues Non, handled everyday by adults and children Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only Fine for beginners Easy to feed Very easy to feed, eats EVERYTHING Live/dead food Live Good or Bad with Children Good Dislike of Men or Women fine with everyone Destructive BehaviourNON General information that you can share lovely little gecko very friendly never bitten so good for beginners, Sadly I have to downsize due to space issues. Can come with basic fanuarium set up (no heat mat) for an extra £10 or a better viv set up (with heat mat) for an extra £40 If you would like any more information or pictures of both the gecko or either set up please get in touch.
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