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  1. Hi Angela, Im looking for lost family too. The names you have mentioned may have a link to me. Kathleen (johnson) is the sister of someone called Keith Gordon. I am looking for him as I have 2 half sisters. If it is the same person. I know that any info is important, maybe a link. I have Mark Johnson as being born in 1962 which would make him 52 not 42. The family was from Jamaica and lived on Andover Street. Sounds like the people you are looking for? I have info that Kathleen is deceased. Anyway Good Luck
  2. Well it sounds like alot has happened to the Gordon family. Personally it just makes it all the more important that I manage to get in contact with Keith. Lifes too short! I believe that he went to Canada after marrying and having kids with Christine Pyle. His parents Eulalee, Luel and sister Kathleen, I ve been told, went back to Jamaica. So no real Sheffield link left, unless there is some family left there. I grew up in Sheffield but dont live there now so any details would help me find family members. What you have told me so far has even helped with my search so many thanks, darrent
  3. Yeah thanks for letting me know about Eulalee, Luel and Kathleen. What about Keith. He was married and had two daughters Peppa and Bindy. They ve knocked down 90 Andover Street, just a grass verge now. ---------- Post added 11-03-2013 at 10:32 ---------- Message to user 90 Andover. Did you know the whole family. When Keith was 19 he had a son i.e. me. I havent seen him for a long, long time...thats life, but its never too late. Any more info on the Gordons would be great.
  4. Sammyc yeah its quite possible that kathy Gordon is part of the Gordon family. It would make sense that she went to Earl Marshal as Andover street is in Pitsmoor near by. A neighbour said that she had gone back to Jamaica in the mid 1970s which could be feasible. Did you know any of the rest of the family?
  5. Got anymore details about the Gordons so I can establish that we're talking about the same 90 Andover Street clan. It would be great if it was them.
  6. did you know the gordon family who lived on andover street. they also returned to jamaica in the 70s lily,luel, katherine,keith
  7. My relatives lived on Andover street for a bit 1960s. The Gordons from Jamaica. Went back in the 70s, lily , eual , katherine and keith. Yor mum might remember them if she worked at the Rock. Happy nostalgia hunting.
  8. tony took no prisoners.He put me on the leg press machine when i was 17, to build up my quads and well i can tell you i had difficulty walking for some time afterwards. Idont think i've ever worked like that in a gym since. A great bloke.
  9. Why did so many people leave North Sheffield in the 60s to settle in Canada. Was it the steel industry or just a search for even greasier chip butties?
  10. we luv you Graham we do, we luv you Graham we do, we luv you graham we do, oh Benny we luv you. Could you please give Franny the slipper again for not having a shower. Long live Grahame Hill PE teacher 70'S- early 80'S
  11. Sorry dont know Goodwins but can you remember the Gordon family 90 Andover Street 1955-72
  12. Anybody remember the Gordon family who lived at 90 andover street 60s to the early 70s. Luel, Eulalee, KEITH, Katherine to name afew. They returned to Jamaica but Keith went to Canada to work in the steel industry.
  13. Are there any old boys who drank in the rock, Pitsmoor during the 60s and early 70s. Do you remember the Gordon family who lived at 90 Andover Street. They went back to Jamaica and some went to Canada. Luel was a mechanic/lorry driver and KEITH was a welder.
  14. Its nice to see lots of nostalgia about andover street. Does anybody remember the Gordon family who lived at number 90 for years. Luel, Lily, kEITH, Katherine to name afew. They moved off to Canada and back to Jamaica in the early 70s.
  15. I know Peter Stringfellow enjoyed his early years on Andover Street, but does anybody remember the Gordon family. They lived at 90 Andover Street Luel, Eulalee ( Lily ), Keith and Katherine to name just afew.They went back to Jamaica in the 70s after 10-15 years on the street. Some went off to Canada. Luel was a Mechanic/lorry driver who would park up his lorries along Andover Street. Keith was a sibling who trained as a welder. Come on folks somebody out there must have known them.
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