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  1. what gives you the right to talk like this? who do you think you are? idiot
  2. and this from somebody in sheffield?!!!!!? have you not seen the (belated) alegiance to tracksuit culture in Sheffield? Hardly a city of sartorial elegance is it! Moor, Castle Market, Hole in The Road etc.... What a beng!
  3. For me - Sheldon Road, Nether Edge. Scraggy, dirty and litter ridden. YUCK!
  4. ...but they want help, not to become the subject of an article, that potentially could be sensationalist! let the journo contact the appropriate organisations in the field. Grrrrrrr:rant:
  5. On my stomach on a sunday evening - living it large in my nipple folds
  6. Parking permits round there may help residents? Visiting worshippers would have to arrange alternative transport, thus promoting environmentally friendly methods of transport and helping to appease residents with parking problems? Just an idea.
  7. if it was a church i would say it was ugly and inappropriate.
  8. Dunno mate - but its a good point. Check upmystreet.com I would certainly not want to live anywhere nearer than where i am - thats near enough!
  9. "Look love" is extremely patronising. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  10. ..who are equally as guilty of being insular, small minded, lazy and not prepared to becoming part of the community. You are really not helping your argument are you?
  11. That wee littlespace is a carpark??????? That is by no means a carpark in any sense of the word for a building that size - with the use that it will get. Yes - i did notice that small patch of tarmac, you sarcastic monkey!
  12. Does anybody know what will happen regarding car parking? There is no car park, as far as i can tell - i live near there and it will be a total nightmare. I am dreading the opening for the congestion alone. Its going to be murder driving around there.
  13. No that is not true of me certainly. Also, even if you do not mind the building i cannot see how anyone can describe it as delightful, unless you were brought up in toytown.
  14. At least the old mosque fitted in with the general area - this one is totally out of character. Just because there are a lot of moslems does not mean there has to be such an ugly building does it? Why not something more in keeping with the area and a building reflecting the traffic congestion around there i.e - decent car parking space. The rest of the non islamic community seems to have had their views ignored and this building has appeared to be imposed on the area, without wider consideration of ALL our community.
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