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  1. We went for hypnobirthing classes with Beth Roche. I really enjoed the sessions and had a relaxed pregnancy.
  2. Hello All I had booked a table here for Thursday lunch for a student christmas dinner and someone in our group was supposed to cancel it as we could't make it. We got a lecture added. However I have just found out that it wasn't cancelled. So now they have 20 places to fill. I feel terrible for them that now they have 20 places. It is supposed to be really great food. They are usually fully booked. So just wanted to let you guys on here know- its either £10 or 15/head and its a 5 course. call them if you want to book- its 01142602060. Its at castle college just near the station. I really wish I could make it, hope they fill their places.
  3. Hello I need a kitchen floor sanding ASAP. Its about 3mx4m. Do you know anyone? how much will it cost? Cheers x
  4. Hello What distances do you run on Tuesday? I am beginner level..female. a 10min miler... max distance 10k. I am hoping to do the Sheffield Marathon in May.
  5. Hello Does anyone know how to find the window cleaner that covers S8? My windows really need a clean!!!
  6. Hello Does anyone know of a cycling group, that cycles on leisurely rides in nice places? I am not looking to race or mountain bike... just trails and paths etc. Cheers x
  7. Hello You wont have to pay tax if you are away a full tax year... you are appaently classed as a non resident. even if you did...you would pay it on anything over the 5K profit.... which im guessing you wont make 5Kprofit. check with the inland rev.... but I have just done a similar thing. I felt much better travelling, knowing I had an investment. You could maybe buy on a std morgage... bu dont tie yourself in... the remorgage on a buy to let before you go... maybe you will have some equity....
  8. Hello Does anyone have a phone nu for trippets? Also do they let the place as a venue? Cheers
  9. Its the one in Woodseats... Any other recommendations would be great. Would like somewhere that wasnt so much like a morgue!! Cheers H
  10. Hello Does anyone have any experience of this pub? I have been ringing around venues this afternoon for a party.. everywhere I have been recommended was already booked.. one of the places suggested I try here... Anyway, they are able to let the room to me... But Im not sure what kind of place it is, does anyone know. I am hoping to pop and have a look at it but its difficult as Im living away at the moment.. Cheers X
  11. Hello It is a sat night.. I will be turning 30!! not sure of budget.. Never done anything like this before. Any advice would be great! Cheers
  12. The killers would ba amazing... are the doing any more gigs?
  13. Hello I had this phone.. and had to send it back! The touch pad is coated in plastic.. and you have to press it to scroll up & down etc.. Well.. this developed a crack, I think it was weak plastic. Vodafone accused me of damaging it.. but theres no way it was. I have sent it back to them anyway. Good luck!
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