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  1. Hey guys!!! Do any of you remember me from the early days of the forum? I moved away from Sheffield just over a year ago but still miss Sheff terribly! If you remember me, please rsvp to this link & make a girl smile!!!
  2. Cheers m'dears...can't reach my feet now and my lazy hubby won't cut & paint my toenails....so got to get something sorted sharpish!!!!!
  4. It would be interesting to get together to watch one flick, you may be surprised at how much you'd enjoy other people's company before & after....
  5. No strictu arrangements, just a couple of times a week after work, between 6 & 7pm to destress whilst keeping fit! May even play on the odd weekend if available. Courts are on Collegiate Crescent...ideal for a wee drink in th'pub after:P
  6. Are there any tennis players out there who'd like to join me play a few matches on an ongoing basis a couple of times a week? No worry as to cost coz I get it free at uni.
  7. So in plain English, are you saying the forecast is good then for first time buyers? Are interest rates going to level off at some point/is the market going to crash??? I presume you've not lost the gist of the original question?
  8. Rogue Rose, would you PM me, I am working in this sector now and may be able to give you an informative overview on your chosen specification for the article. It could prove to be mutually beneficial?!
  9. That's just GROSS that is! How could anyone do that to someone else?!
  10. I try to do my best by people, offer help/support (where it's wanted!) I enjoy helping elderly people & so do loads of voluntary work for the Red Cross, UN, etc but also like human rights oriented issues, so do the whole Amnesty International thing...helping people I know/friends & acquitances etc presents problems in its self as people misinterpret your kindness for whatever whim takes their fancy...that they're not accustomed to kindness so you MUST fancy them:shocked:
  11. Soemone I know's dad had all his teeth out when he was 20 as was done back in the day, his gums started deteriorating before he was 30 so he made horrid slurpy noises when he ate and eventually, they had to puree all his food for him so he could 'just suck it down noiselessly'!!! (This is someone talking about her dad!!!) I've got 2 fillings and I had an emergency root canal done in Germany on one hol...teeth horrors eh! Everyone has 'em! Oh, & whilst I'm on the teeth subject, I dated a guy who looked like he had false teeth coz they were all so straight & even, I couldn't stop starring when he smiled...he reminded me of my grandma's dentures...never went home with with him, must be scary having teeth starring back at you in the middle of the night!
  12. I feel really mad about wasting a good £500 on what I've got now (box-standard astra) coz my mate from Manchester bought an N-reg Punto for the same about 6 months ago...the problem with sheff is that the 2nd hand market's not got very good deals as it's not nearly half as flooded as the markets elsewhere...if you've any mates in Manchester/Leeds you could ask them to keep an eye out for you just so you get something for your money's worth!
  13. I go to the Living Well Health Club at the Hilton, its really cool coz you get a personal trainer until you've achieved what weight/build you're hoping for...you also get a pvt pool, jacuzzi, sauna (towels provided! so your gym bag's manageable & yay!!! no burn marks on yr shoulder/sore arms ready to jump out of their sockets from all that carrying ) you also get pamper sessions after your work-out if you so wish...
  14. Watched it today...it's got intersting scenes but I wouldn't rate it very highly...biggest downer is that cinema was packed with mums, dads & their kids!!!
  15. Yeah, I've gone by there a few times and when the phone's rang for a bit, I've picked up and this bloke just says 'what colour knickers are you wearing'? AND he sounds like he's doing things to himself!!! Shocking!!!
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