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  1. Played for tiffs in a charity match against s y police at niagara sports ground,just liked to playing on a bowling green, proper ref and nets ,anyway, we beat them 4 , 0 , buffet laid on,free bar and quite a lot of people attending, remember the night watch men who used to lock up when everyone had gone ? You definetely walked behind if going upstairs with them
  2. Danny was a stickler for the rules, the summer of 1976; men still had to wear jacket and tie, eventually relented on tie rule when a customer passed out, took a girl out for several weeks, then one night , had to escort this guy out, turned out he was her husband, talk about being gobsmacked. Danny ran a football team, forty foot , I believe, concord park was their home ground, played a few games for him. Yes , some great memories had there.
  3. We used to clear treetops out of couples , should have seen their faces when the lights were turned on .once saw Danny crack this guy inside the foyer, went down the steps outside, over the railings and landed in the road. Can you remember the two Asian bouncers , Ian, Phil Scott , Paul, Horace, Gladys from the cloakroom, hazel and Audrey from the bar staff mark
  4. Liked it when they played eagle tracks,lying eyes , hotel California, take it easy , I think Neil was main singer, can you remember ken’s Surname , yeah do remember you now Paul, Jose went back to Tenerife , Mike Powell replaced him as catering manager,
  5. I worked there in mid 70’s as a door supervisor , Ken being my head supervisor , was your name Brian ( art Garfunkel) lookalike, can you remember Jose catering manager, remember the free sandwich you got and had to eat it upstairs , remember all the staff even now, some great times, mark
  6. Anyone know who sells a good selection of artificial plants , in Sheffield or south yorks. Must be at least 1 metre height upto 2 metres ,e.g. Palm or ferns . Thank you:)
  7. . We need a centre half who can head a ball away from crosses, glen loovens is totally useless in defending high balls, never jumps, gives away penalties on a whim . Three more points lost due to defensive errors from loosens. I bet woods of Leeds can't wait for high balls if loosens plays:rant:
  8. A bit of hourihane magic last night against Leeds . Be a shame if the owls don't get him, one player who stood out in Barnsley defence again was centre back Roberts, one to keep an eye on.
  9. What about glen (won't kick can't kick) loosens,no idea on crosses. Cost us both goals, 2nd goal was a disgrace, no wonder Westwood went ballistic with him. This guy has cost us several points already this season. Not upto championship standards, get someone better signed.
  10. Would like to see Connor houriane come to Hillsboro, with win all. A guy who will give you everything . a very powerful left foot, scoring often from 20 plus yards,a great team member, scoring 17 last year , 10 goals so far this season.
  11. Was in same year at Chaucer as Martin . Played football in Hillsboro park,Sunday morns,
  12. Lady bower res has a church and a small village can be seen at low water in a prolonged dry summer spell Markus
  13. Brilliant guy on and off the pitch, never afraid to put his head where it hurt. Outside the changing rooms, after the game, he would not leave until all the fans asking for his autograph had is signature. A true gentleman, one of the best .
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