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  1. Whats more irritating is the "everyone that I have ever known in this position"on every thread(sorry,I mean every thread to do with benefits:hihi:) to back up his "facts". He never has a mixed bag of different people,they all do this or all do that,never a mix. Im guessing Pinnochio's nose is at least a foot shorter! Im sorry mrsmith,but you can dress this issue up all you like,fact is multi-million and even billion pound companies are taking too much of an advantage of this,and so is this poxy government! This scheme is not too dis-similar to the old "new deal" scheme,but they chucked a £10 on top of your dole money,this is just pure slavery! Are you telling me its right for a company to have someone for a month,and not pay anything for their services? not even a little token gesture? Im not saying this can't benefit anyone,but it certainly ain't the holy grail thats creating jobs,in fact its quite the opposite,especially when store managers will start adding free employees to their budget and p&l sheets! Store managers and even Area managers will be using this to drive their own bonuses up. I was in a similar situation 10 or so years back with young YTS workers.We paid them £15 a week,and the government paid £20/£30 to them over a 2 year period.We went from 6 staff M/AM/2xFT/2xPT.To 4 staff M/AM/2xYTS in the space of 2 years,and cut some £40,000+ off the wage bill.Manager/Area manager and possibly Regional manager got something from this. People with budgets to hit are always going to abuse this scheme.And that is the point of the original OP. ---------- Post added 07-04-2013 at 19:03 ---------- I would expect the government not to give them employees for nothing,even a third of a wage would be a better offering all round.
  2. Sorry,but you are not the only one that has issues,I just choose not to bring them up in order to belittle others! So don't talk to me about etiquette,when you are quite clearly trying to make out im having a go at deaf people!when you know im not! Cheap diversion tactics when you were quite clearly wrong in the first place! Oh,and for the record,I find it hard to sympathize with people that would happily see "throat slitting" as the new punishment,no matter how heinous the crime. p.s I have never set out to upset you,simply showing you the comments you "never" said.
  3. Whatever pal,your not worth it. Oh,and I will use as many exclamations marks in my post as I want,and if you think I am in some weird way trying to offend the deaf with it,then you have some serious issues!!!
  4. Personal attacks?where? Do you mean the ones in your original post? The one that I originally had a gripe with? look at me,I give blood,so I have the god given right to wish pain and suffering on others? Well done big man,you have done yourself proud there!
  5. Is this good enough? "But JFK they did a dummy run, so it was premeditated and it should have been murder mate" And don't you DARE! say that I condone killing 6 kids!!!!!!!!!
  6. Its me thats made the mistake then,I didn't for one second think he meant personally.So waht does tha make him then?A lawyer?or someone with really dodgy friends? lol
  7. Why you telling me this?I didn't sentence him. I don't think I would be happy either,if he cum near my family,but thats a totally different offence:hihi:.
  8. Deserve in your eyes?or deserve by the law of the land? You know the answer to both anyways. ---------- Post added 04-04-2013 at 22:05 ---------- I think his intention was to blame the other missus,and become a hero.But someone forgot to tell him just how flammable petrol is. The police got a lot of this from hidden microphones in the hotel.
  9. Rubbish examples again,none of the above received life sentences (apart from Huntley) Bulger case was tricky due to ages,and Maxine got something like perverting the course of justice (or something like that). These all bare no relevance to Phillpotts case.
  10. Its not physically possible to compare every sentence,that was my point(how many sentences were passed this week alone?) And I would give him the maximum that I could.Don't go thinking im a soft touch,its the making comparisons that I have a problem with. ---------- Post added 04-04-2013 at 21:25 ---------- life without parole?
  11. TBH he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy thats going to do 15 years with totally good behavior.
  12. But will the copper DO more time inside?Because I would bet he won't. As far as im concerned,the copper dealt out a lot of smack,and god only knows how many people died from overdoses due to this. You simply cannot compare two different crimes with different charges with one another.Do you think every sentence is given based on all other sentences that have ever been passed?(no matter what the crime).
  13. I had no idea of the longest serving manslaughter case,I was just saying you don't seem to hear of long sentences given.
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