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  1. Because that's my experience growing up as a 15 year old by my parents with no visible interference of the state; that's why I am surprised. Yes I'm still failing to see what the British education system has to do with that. It has never been the place of teachers/schools to regiment pupils' lives and life choices. See? But that's where I started saying it was the responsibility of parents.
  2. http://www.capitalbay.com/latest-news1/731178-rotherham-police-hold-awards-ceremony-16-days-after-sex-abuse-report.html UNBELIEVABLE
  3. "It's the responsibility of both, unsurprisingly." - that does surprise me that its both. Must have been happening covertly when I grew up but then again we didn't have social media when I was 15. "What does it say about our education system?" - that grade A students can be coerced into leaving their families without being taught the dangers of may well happen. I am assuming that the parents didn't/couldn't make them aware nor did/could their schools. I remember my mother telling me not to get into a car with strangers; I never did, that was enough for me.
  4. There's one view although not mine. Seen some interviews on the TV of some of the children's parents or siblings and the comments appear to be centred around why didn't the police or the authorities act sooner; what I haven't heard is what did the actual parents do to prevent this in the first place. Surely the cause needs addressing and not just the effect. Sitting in ones bedroom chatting with all your Facebook friends doesn't seem that the parents even knew what they were doing; why?
  5. Surely it's the responsibility of their parents not the state. I heard these are Grade A students; says a lot about our education system.
  6. Went with Nest because we needed to have the device wired due to thick stone walls. Wireless was never going to work. Very rarely touch it now.
  7. Had a Nest for about 8 months; can highly recommend it..
  8. That's the lack of accountability I am talking about; generally its nothing to do with politics just sheer incompetence. If you don't address the root problems the same crap staff will just carry on as before.
  9. A question I always wonder about is that if a particular Council department, let's say planning, delivers a particular bad service there is no mechanism to remove individuals for poor service as would happen in private organisations. The RMBC issues seem to be deep rooted that it's not just those at the top need to go it's all the way down the chain. Is it not about the actual individuals working in these departments rather than one party or the other? Surely its about accountability of individuals or in the case of RMBC the lack of it...
  10. Not only very funny but so true in my experience.
  11. dt25uk dropped you a PM. You watch the news or read the press about how people, young and old, are desperate for jobs but just in the last 12 months we have not had any applicants from Sheffield or SY; Europe and beyond we are inundated with CV's. We were desperate for young energetic, enthusiastic people to get trained in sales, marketing or software development for full time positions but not a single local applicant. The joys of recruiting in the Sheffield area.... clearly full employment. The universities are no better before anyone goes down that route. Graduates full of debt with no commercials skill wanting to start on £30K+ to clear their debts. Whatever happen to starting at the bottom and working your way up the ladder??
  12. niknaks not sure how to take your comments but I'll take them in the spirit you have written them; here's some experiences. Last year we took on an apprentice. Very little development skills so we started on java & C++. After 6 months he was gone. Always late, no enthusiasm, had very little writing skills. We persevered but in the end he left. Just taken on a junior developer - well see how that goes. Spoke to SCC but I wouldn't waste my time any more. Don't return calls and when they do it can be over 6 months since you asked them to call; complete non starter. Spoke to the local comp school for kids who wanted trainee developer positions. The careers officer was less than helpful but said he had 6-8 kids who would be suitable; never heard from them since. The last developer we took on is from Glossop and over 50. Never late, great development skills and a joy to work with.
  13. We've advertised trainee development roles for a number of years now and never had a single reply from anyone in the Sheffield area. We were happy to spend time providing on the job training and pay above the going rate. We have advertised marketing roles with not a single applicant from Sheffield.
  14. I haven't got a Lenovo laptop but I do have a tablet. Product is good but UK Support is the worst I have ever experienced. They outsource to a third party who struggle with everything.
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