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Mind moths

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We all know they exist - the gremlins in the computer and the car, the doorway to some other space/time dimension in the back of the washing machine (that opens out on a sock-swopping-and-stealing civilisation, the house brownie that tiptoes about the house right behind you moving things you just put down right there only a secong ago how can it possibly not be there now.


Well, I have a new one. Mind moths. Much like the ones in your wardrobe, these flutter around inside your head, munching on the information and memories stored in there. That's why you have big and little 'holes' in your memory or knowledge - you know you used to know this or that, but its gone now...the mind moths ate it. The residue of that memory, that little niggle that it's in there somewhere, is just the dust that's left on the floor of your mind after the moths have eaten it.

And then there's always those moments of pure blankness when all that seems to be in your head is the swish swish of little moth wings in the darkness - just after looking at the questions on an exam sheet, just after the policeman asks 'do you know what you just did', when you've had way too much to drink, when the answer to that all important question really means a lot...


Blame it on the mind moths

:lol: :lol: :lol:


Does anyone else have a name for more of life's unexplained moments?

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I'm neither elderly nor stoned nor blonde nor childbearing. Which however leads me to the conclusion that this is indeed a true phenomenon, commonly found throughout all walks of life.

Yeaaaah! I've made a discovery! Mind moths!:lol: :lol:

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