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  1. They've all got homes, now, I'm afraid, Lauren. But do consider a dog from a rescue that's not a puppy, as well. Best of luck x
  2. We've had lots of guesses from lots of people, from St Bernard (Fat Stuff/Jimmy, the big one with big spots) to pug (Batty/Jemma, the girl with the black face) . I hope their new people will keep us updated so we get to see what they look like when they're all grown up.
  3. Hello! I want to show off my foster puppies, who are simply ridiculously cute. They will also need homes in about four weeks. Check out the link over at Rain Rescue: http://www.rainrescue.co.uk/pet/puppies/ You will find them on their Facebook page, too. We have adopted their mum, Jasmine, who we think is a beagle staffy cross. Their dad happened while she was a stray, so we don't know what he was. I can tell you that as well as being a bit of an adventurer, Jasmine is an extremely loving and gentle lass who likes nothing better than to splat on your lap for hours on end and be petted and adored. Her puppies are growing up in a house with two dogs and two kids, so they are being well socialised and are very fond of snuggles. We have adventurers and snugglers and bossy pups and noisy pups. The four boys are all white with dark spots, and the two girls are brown and black. Being puppies, they need a home where there is someone around to train them and socialise them and snuggle them and take them for walks. Please don't apply if you won't be able to be home due to work or other commitments, you will only be disappointed. and don't forget all the other lovely dogs looking for rescue, if puppies aren't for you. Please apply to Rain for the puppies by filling in a rehoming form. I'm just the foster mum. But I am happy to answer any questions about the puppies and Jasmine.
  4. Thank you, that's very kind. I think we're going to head out to Thornberry tomorrow. Condolences on your loss xxx
  5. Hi, I hope someone can help. Our very beloved fifteen year old dog passed away last Friday, and we have food, treats, dog blankets, nappies and pads that we would really like to give to dogs in need. The problem seems to be that we don't want to just dump her things at a shop somewhere. The children would really like to see, even if only from a distance, that there are actual animals that will be helped out. They've been devastated at the loss, and I think this will help. Rain Rescue have tried to help, but they're very overstretched and can only really deal with us bringing stuff to the shop. Does anyone please, please have any ideas? Our dog's ashes are being returned on Tuesday, and I would like the goodbye we have with her then to be what we remember, not be running about everywhere afterwards with a bag of her belongings. im waiting for requests from the dog rescue in Mosborough and the RSPCA, but time is running out, so if we get knock backs from them, as well, I need a plan. Many thanks in advance.
  6. It was a laudable idea, I thought. We can be sure kids get proper meals at school because of free school dinners. But what about over the summer holidays? So this week I received a letter from school saying SU's Community Foundation had thought of this, and offered families four free 500g boxes of cereal if they turned up to the football ground's car park bearing the letter between 9.30-3.30. I don't know if it went out to all schools or all families. I feared they might run out, but looking at those times, and considering they must have done some small amount of maths regarding number of schools, pupils, etc, and stipulated a four box limit, I had some hope they'd have enough to go round, ish. I also liked to think that if people could easily afford to buy their own, they'd stay away out of some sense of decency and humanity. When we got there, admittedly at 2pm, it was all over. And there I would have left it, disappointed, but so it goes. Then a very angry woman collared me and showed me pictures a friend had taken earlier of people filling their car boots with boxes and boxes of cereal, 25-50 boxes, by the looks of it. Really, people of Sheffield? Really, SU Comm Foundation? Really, distributors? Was it just too hot to be faffed sitting out there helping people out for a few hours? The man in charge of the truck said people were stocking up to take it back to schools for the parents who couldn't get there. If that's the case, can we organise it better next year? My school never mentioned the possibility that some would be delivered to the school by parents. It won't be, but it's a good idea. I spoke to some parents who'd had a hard time getting there only to be turned away. Apparently no-one told them other parents would be taking some to school for them, either. I don't believe it will be. I'm afraid it's going to appear in car boot sales and pubs near you soon. While some kids are going to go without. I'm going to let the organisers know how wrong it appeared to go today, with a small number of people high-jacking all the cereal. Like I said, it's a nice idea, and I hope they do it again next year, but there are some kinks to be ironed out. As for the people who turned up and filled their boots for their own gain at the expense of other children, I wish this post would make you feel shame, but I guess you're already beyond that. Alternatively, if I've got this all wrong, boost my opinion of humanity and let me know it's all okay, really. I'd like to think better of my fellow Sheffielders.
  7. Thank you for that, Daven, I hadn't had the opportunity to go in search yet, just posted in my familiar places in the meantime. Now I've sent an email, which will hopefully get to him.
  8. He definitely deserves a big thank you and a hug. Kindness breeds kindness, and so it should. You never know how much a simple gesture can mean to a stranger. Always pass it on.
  9. Just in case he's here, or one of you know him, many thanks to the Good Samaritan in the Dobson Roofing Ltd truck who saw my distress in the medical centre/Lidl car park on Chesterfield Road this evening and very kindly, matter of factly and efficiently changed my flat tyre. At that point I simply could not deal with the situation on my own, and he probably doesn't have a clue what a hero I think he is. Plus he was so down to earth about it all, I was able to more or less pull myself together again and get home. A little kindness goes a long, long way.
  10. Kudos to Central Glass in Shalesmoor who have been home to a sparrowhawk for a few days, now. Despite the obvious distractions posed by having a bird of prey doing aerial acrobatics in their workplace, they've been real stars. Even down to getting some chicks for her to feed on this weekend while the warehouse is closed - she's eaten all the other birds that usually fly in and out They contacted Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust for advice, and stayed in contact throughout, but really the best option was to wait for her to leave of her own accord, which she finally has done this afternoon. Billy Clapham, a photographer and Sheffield student, kindly went over yesterday to get photos of the sparrowhawk to ensure she was indeed a sparrowhawk, and not one of Sheffield's pair of breeding peregrines or an escaped bird from a local falconer. You can see the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/TheWildlifeTrust.SheffieldandRotherham And here: https://www.facebook.com/billyclaphamphoto We're going to miss our hourly updates, now she's gone!
  11. This may help: http://www.wildsheffield.com/smithywood
  12. Severe lack of brains? No fear of death? They had to break the petrol cap off as it unlocks with keys. This was their bright idea for stopping the petrol swilling out... ---------- Post added 14-10-2014 at 18:17 ---------- Update from Bev, the bike's owner, with many thanks to everyone who kept an eye out and gave us information. You're all fab! "The Peril is back and having a long RnR at the local bike shop. She's rather abused but fundamentally ok by the looks of her. Got home, after collecting her from the pound, to find that vehicle theft is the gift that keeps on giving- now have to sort out two speeding fines from Dronfield- I doubt if they'll be the last. At least the cockwombles aren't using her for burglaries now"
  13. The bike is still in the compound. Scenes of Crime found a couple of socks stuffed in the petrol tank. Hopefully there will be DNA.
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