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My friend has a philosophy which basically states that if you want something, then throw your request out into the Universe and it will respond. AND if you have read "The Alchemist" then you would realise that there is truth in that statement. So here comes my request/explanation:

I am looking for accomodation for the coming year [at least] either by 1. housesitting for someone 2. buying a house in walkley/hillsborough [upperthorpe, netherthorpe] or crookes. My budget is ideally £0 [labour etc included in option 1] to £60000 [mortgage etc]. SO if you are a traveller/philanthropist..or eager to get rid of your house to a good homeowner then contact me

better yet, if you have any bright ideas, let me know. i am getting desperate. its a long story but I dont want to bore everyone 8)

Thanks for reading :-)

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