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  1. Hi About a month ago I stopped to help this man that collapsed on Fox Road (I think. it's the road parallel to langsett road between the Aldi and langsett tram stop). There were a few other people around, does anyone know if he's okay? He seemed to be having a seizure and he was also bleeding from his mouth... I had two littluns with me and they were a bit concerned. We were wondering how he fared
  2. Hi I need some quotes AND relatively quick service to replace some guttering on back of terraced house [mid terrace]. I am available today [after 6pm] and tomorrow [after 5pm] - in Hillsborough [close to Morrisons] Please PM me to make arrangments thanks.
  3. Found it, it's B&W furniture http://m.bargainsdelivered.vpweb.co.uk/DREAM-VENDOR-BEDS.html Have you heard of it?
  4. I think it's somewhere near to meadowhall I think. It was advertised on the forum under the 'local ads' ticker on the left.
  5. Hi Can anyone remember the name of the furniture store that was advertised on the forum recently? I remember initials but can't remember root else! If you can - would you recommend them?
  6. Thanks for the reply..keep it coming. If anyone wants to play tomorrow please PM me for details
  7. Hi everyone, If you are up for some netball practice - but not willing/able to commit to a team then we have the solution. We are a new team currently playing in division 4. We practice on Wednesdays [tomorrow] and are looking for some other players with whom we can organize a match practice. So you can either bring your entire team down to play or we can pull together individuals to make a team. Either way our focus is on having fun while building our [collective] skills. If you think you are up for this - please PM for more details. Thanks
  8. Help! I need a new electricity certificate for a house to be rented ( I cannot find the previous one or even remember who did it!!). Any advice/recommendations on a reliable and speedy sparky welcome please
  9. actually, I think it keyS plural - 2 keys with a distinctive wooden keyring attached
  10. Hi all I received two free tickets (worth £100:suspect:) for this conference presented by Stores online.com. I thought it was dodgy but said - hey the promise of a free mp3 player [and in the fine print a free Ipod] and dinner might be a fair exchange to get my ears rinsed out with hype. After :huh:calling to book my place, I read this thread http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=122661 I was still planning to go but then when I read on that people who went to the conference were still waiting for their players [and that dinner could potentially be dodgy] just putting out this caveat to one and all out there!!
  11. Thank you everyone. I can't see any external pipes for the heating! I live in Hillsborough but got in contact with someone on here to come look at it in the morning. (ignitegas]
  12. Another question for the experts... I have an Alpha 240E which is constantly losing pressure [won't stay in the green zone] and altohough the house seems warm enough - the pilot light itself seems to be constantly going off and coming back on...when I tried to increase the heat [thermostat on the boiler] - the pipes started making a gurgling sound.... PS - if someone is available for a look-see and possible repair - would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Update The police finally caught this guy two weeks ago and [thank God] they managed to recover one of my items [the most important one]. This guy is 17 and apparently got done for 15 burglaries!!!! and counting. He's not from around these parts. They only nicked him because he had also stolen someone's car that night and the police traced the car!
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