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Bassetts Sweets - Does Anyone Remember My Mum In Law From The 1950s/1960s?


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I know this is a long shot, but I thought worth a try. My mum in law was working at Bassetts in the 1950s (possibly 1960s), she now has dementia and often talks about her time there and wondered if there are any names we could mention to see if she remembers.


My mum in laws name then was Margaret Longley then Margaret Spooner when she got married.


She often talks about her fondness of working there and said she had a best friend who was a man who was either Indian, Pakistani or Middle Eastern, (she has also said he may have been Italian?) possibly her manager, so any help would be much appreciated.


Reminiscing about her work days seems to help her so we would really appreciate any names to try to jog her memory and make her smile!


I know it’s a long shot and many of you may have to ask your elderly parents or relatives, but your help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks.

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Ask her if she remembers Joyce Frogatt, a lovely lady who worked at Bassetts in the early 60's. She used to get the same bus as my mum, the 41 from Hackenthorpe and they became great friends.  Her husband Eric passed away and also her daughter Jennifer. Joyce moved to Nottingham to be closer to her sister but time eventually took her too.  Love to your Mum, hope she finds a measure of peace and happiness.

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There are lots of photos of Bassett's production line and outings on www.picturesheffield.com .  Just put Bassett in the search box and you get 59 pictures, most of which can be zoomed in.

My mum (Grace Skinner) worker there in the early '50s.  She had been working sewing for Barney Goodman, but when she reached 21 years old he refused to pay her the adult rate, so she left and went to Bassetts.

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