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Anybody Own A 1980s Car?

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Hi there...


I tried this in the Classic Car group but no joy, so trying here.


I teach Film and Media at a school in Sheffield.
Every couple of years, we produce a school film production involving the students in front and behind the camera.
Recent films include our award winning western, A Fistful of Conkers - https://youtu.be/Es58S-t6pWU
And our teen romance musical, Exploding Hearts - https://vimeo.com/201816478
Our latest production is called Hollywood Nights and is a murder mystery set in a 1980s comprehensive school. 
For a couple of the scenes, we're in desperate need for some period accurate cars. These cars will be stationary and parked in front of the school whilst a scene plays out in the foreground. They would only be needed for about half an hour.
Unfortunately, I can't offer any payment but I would of course cover travel expenses.
Would love to hear from anybody who could kindly help out. We don't have a confirmed shooting date yet, but it will likely be the week commencing Monday 19th December at Wales High School, S26 5QQ.
Email - ls@waleshigh.com
Thank you,
Liam Sanderson.
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