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Anyone Heard Of Delivery Drop

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There is a new delivery App launched for the people of sheffield. Everyone especially in these times should look at it. On there you can get a wide range of products delivered from over 100 local stores in under 60 mins! these include off licenses, grocery stores, vape stores, pet stores, pharmacies and more. 

Lets get the conversation started so more people hear about this local service during these isolation and quarantine times! download the app here: www.deliverydrop.co.uk

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17 minutes ago, enntee said:

Can you please show us the list of retailers that you have signed up?



I can give you a brief overview. 

Multiple premier stores

Drink stop - Eccy Road

Hillsborough vape Lounge

The Log shop

2 x select and save stores

Patterson Butchers

Bramall lane off license

Various Go local Extra stores

Penistone road service station

Bp on Bramall lane

Katy Peckett flowers

Pavillion Flowers

Various Independent Londis stores

a couple of DIY stores 

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As we've had a couple of reports on this, we are happy with the thread and are leaving this up as it is helpful for people requiring deliveries during the current lockdown. We have allowed a couple of other similar 'delivery' posts.

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