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Looking For Turton Family From Woodhouse


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Would this be Roy Turton, married to Barbara Turner from Manor Park area


Lived originally down Attercliffe but in about 1965/66 moved into a new council house near to Normanton Springs, Woodhouse


I think they had a son and a daughter and the son was called Keith - would be about 58/59 now


If this is the correct Turton Family please send me a private message


Best Wishes from Hot and Sunny Malaysia = Victor


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Dear Maf


When I knew them they had 2 children a boy and a girl, the third must have come along later and now be around 50/51 years old


I only had contact with them from about October 1962 to about 1967 because in  late 1967 I moved from Swallownest to Driffield in East Yorkshire - I think my wife, at the time, told me one evening that Roy had called during the afternoon whilst passing through Driffield in his job lorry driving 


His wife, Barbara was an elder sister of my first wife, Margaret, who was the youngest of the Turner family daughters. The oldest was  son Brian, the next was Christine, then Barbara, then Elaine and youngest was Margaret born Oct 1941


We have been divorced since late 1982, but she remarried in 1984 and still lives in Driffield


I remarried and in late 2006 moved from Driffield to Malaysia, about 16 km (10 miles) south of Kuala Lumpur, although we  do still have our house in Driffield for my wife, when she visits there


Sounds like you know of Roy anyway, hope this extra information jogs your memory


A question - are you related to the family in any way ?


Best Regards from hot and sunny Malaysia - 8-35am and already 93 degrees and climbing - same weather virtually 365 days a year


Victor Marshall Hutchinson 

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Thanks for the reply,I am terrible with names I only remember a daughter who's name was Samantha,this was around mid 80s,I did visit there house on David's close in Woodhouse a couple of times,I'm not related,we met on holiday when I was about 15,had a few holidays together and just lost touch,Roy is if it's the same one a governor at the local school,there is a site I might try and contact him see if he can help,



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Dear Maf


Thank you for your reply, this is not the same Roy - now if alive would be around 85 ish  and there is no way on this earth he would have ever been appointed a school governor  I can assure you


Regards - Victor

Dear gaz


Thats a possible and as I said to Maf the Roy I knew would be around 85 ish now if still alive, and would will have been at the semi-skilled end of the labour market


Regards - Victor

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