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  1. I remember it well - had the wedding reception for my first marriage there, July 13th 1963, my two cousins also had theirs there in 1964 and 1966 and I think you are probably correct with the name I seem to recall it was above some other business, because I remember my cousin and myself carrying our grandma up the steps to the entrance I have an idea it was owned/run by one of the cafe/restaurants in Sheffield City Centre but could be wrong Sorry but that's all can think of right now, have to get my 81 year old brain searching its archives later Best of Luck in your quest for information Best Wishes - Victor Marshall Hutchinson, State of Selangor, Malaysia - ex Swallownest 1940 to 1966 and from 1966 to 2006 ex Driffield, East Yorkshire - 2006 to Malaysia
  2. Went in there many times with my father, Victor Hutchinson who had Crest Service Station next to the Turf Tavern We often went in the Crown and Old Crown and The Angel but mainly in the White Rose, Usual crowd included Denis Hobson, Harry Hodges etc - would 1968 to 1986 - White Rose for long lunchtime sessions, with a lock in at 3-00 pm Good Memories o f Good Times Victor Marshall Hutchison - State of Selangor, Malaysia
  3. Classicfan My knowledge of motorcycles is zero now My uncle had a Scott Clubman 650cc back in 1946 -1950 - I still have a photo - registered number was FOE 593. He often rode it from Swallownest to the village of Fortuneswell on Portland Bill, near Weymouth, to see his girl friend Elsie, his wife from October 1947 They both died in 2015 aged 94 I have an employee, (aged 59), here in Malaysia who is a motorcycle fan - he has a Honda Shaddow and a BMW touring bike. He prefers the bikes to his MPV With his wife they frequently have weekends in Thailand or Singapore with their BMW - I have a photo of the bikes If you would like any copies of the photos please send me your e mail address as a private message Best Regards - Victor
  4. So, Classicfan - what motors do you have ? I am a Classic Fan myself here in Malaysia, currently I have - Mercedes Benz S.320 (3.2 lite) 1999 and 1999 Daimler-Jaguar 4.0 litre I have a friend, here, who rebuilds classics from the classic up and the result is mega perfect, even the upholstery I use them fairly frequently, but for business I have a Mercedes-Benz S.240 and my wide has a 2.0 Mitsubishi Lancer, we change these and buy new every 3 years. Cars imported here have an import duty from 20% up to 2.0 litre to 40% for more expensive cars and 4 x 4 Nice to drive the classics on a long run on Malaysia North/South Highway which runs from the middle of Singapore Island to the border with Thailand 780km, or 490 miles I have a Business License and Residents Status here so every 3 years I can buy cars for our personal use, such as Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW etc etc exempt of Import Duty - although they are supplied by the local main dealers in Kuala Lumpur I read in the UK Daily Mail earlier today that in some places petrol is GBP 1.42 litre - we buy a gallon here for GBP 1.50. Our daughter lives in Vancouver and they pay only slightly more than we do here Regards - Victor MH
  5. He was the school bully at Swallownest Junior School I heard from another Aughton lad Jeffrey Jacobs that Eric Tillery had cancer - that would be around 2010 If sill alive, Jeffrey lives at the very top of Park Hill, Swallownest, about 2nd, or third house of the row Another Aughton name which now springs to mind is Derek Simcox, I think he became an agent for Prudential Assurance, that would be around 1965/66 I think when I last saw him All A Long Time Ago Best Regards - Victor MH
  6. I remember Reg Littleboy, he was in the same class as myself at Woofhouse Grammar School. he left in July 1956 to start work Quite number of boys and girls from Treeton at the school, the lager than life character being Billy Harper, I think his mother was a school teacher. I understand that he died many years ago from Legionnaires Disease Some other names I recall being - Norma Pack, Ray Jarvis, Derek Clarke, Harold Phillips, Jean ???. From Swallownest School, up to July 1951, I remember Treeton Colliery lads - Roy Cocking, Eric Tillery, Roy Edwards, any of them still living will be around 81 now My moher's cousin worked there - Ray Lister. Walter Gaigion lived with his parents across the road from my grandparents on Aighton Road, Swallownest, next semidetached to Albert Taylor the Coal Merhant (1940's and 1950's Best Wishes - Victor Marshall Hutchinson - ex Swallownest 1940-1967, Driffield, East Yorkshire 1967- end of 2006, end 2006 -present Malaysia - Saturday 11-45am here, (UK plus 7 hours), and 98 degrees ,so will be around 104 degrees by 12-30pm - usual about the same 365 days a year - never drops below 89 degrees during the night - no rain for long periods , fog, snow and no aches and pains from the cold and damp weather - low cost living here - as for petrpl - equivalent to British Pounds 1-50 Per Gallon - so no problem in running a 4.0 litre car - price hardly changes since 2007 - But the downside is - "No Tetleys Beer"
  7. Thanks for the additional information Keith F, I will try and follow this through later Mmm you are of course referring to the French historic character - Cyrano De Bergerac with his outsize nose 1951 to 1956 ?? so same time as myself, have we met in our earlier lives - nly classes I recall ere 1F Len Fox) and 5G ad I think the form master was Mr Wynne, who usually taught English - he lives at Gleadless Dont know if you remember, but there was a Paul Mellows at WGS, always in the A Stream - we had been playmates since about age of 4, our mothers knew each other from their Swallownest School Days, as did out grandmothers. He leaft to go to University, then became a teacher/lecturer at Sheffield University before moving to Cambridge University and finally becoming Head of Corpus Christie College there He was Professor Paul John Mellows but round 2011 was Knighted and became Professor Sir Paul John Mellows - his vocation was "Prehistoric Man" and he travelled to different countries at times to lecture on this - this was his interest since about age 5, when he would dig in the garden hoping to get deep enough down to find the tops of the Pyramids Many years ago since we were both 5 years old, (1945) Best Wishes from Malaysia - UK + 7 hours, (8 hours when you return to GMT), and 38C, or 100.4 F , always summer here - Victor Marshall Hutchinson Ex Swallownest to 1967, Driffield 1967 to end of 2006, then Malaysia to date
  8. Just seen this thread. Re the one from 12-07-2015 from WalkleyO mum We had a Nellie Bean who was the forewoman in the packing dept at Steadfast Tools on Manor Lane - I was there 1959 to 1973 Many employees were from Wybourne Number of people on this thread mention Beaver Hill School, Handsworth - my cousins went there from about 1950/1951 to about 1958/9 - Michael and Christine Brooks - anyone remember them ?? Victor M Hutchinson - State of Selangor - Malaysia
  9. My first serious girlfriends father worked at Kenning around 1960/62 - Percy Whiteley lived on Ben Lane, Wisweood. probably aged around 60 at that time Worked in the service dept. but would be doing paperwork in office and checking in the actual works side Best Wishes to Sheffield Forum - Victor - Malaysia
  10. M M Bell is not a company name I recall buying from - I have just now thought the company name may have been Pickerings - certainly, the location off the bottom of the Moor, (as it was then), seems to be correct - was it Joseph Pickering ???? I remember buying from that named firm Victor - Malaysia (UK plus 7 hours)
  11. Back in 1963-1968 I knew a Mr Foers - he was a company representative for a Sheffield company making cardboard packing boxes and cardboard cutlery boxes Very nice guy who used to call in once a week to the company I worked for - I.S.Dearden - Monogram Cutlery, on Liverpool Street Sheffield 9 Cannot remember the name of the company he worked for, or even his first name - he was always Mr Foers to everyone - maybe mid to late 40's age group at that time Hope this helps your searching Best Wishes - Victor - Subang Jaya, State of Selangor, Malaysia
  12. Eighlegger mentions a family by the name of Neath I think the lived on Wordsworth Avenue I knew Lewis Neath when we were both at Woodhouse Grammar School 1952 to 1957 I lost contact with him and many others after leaving school because I lived out at Swallownest Came across him again in 2005, he as a retired draughtman living in Dronfield From 1959 had another friend (boyfriend of my girlfriend best friend until they moved to Falmouth in later years - his name Melvyn Jordan ived on Colle Avenue. Last I heard a few years ago as that he lived then in Penryn, just outside of Falmouth Victor MH - Hot and Sunny Malaysia (since late 2006}
  13. Bingo = carosio - that is the one - "Oriental" Thank You Very Much - Victor - Malaysia
  14. I remember going to the Kinema fairly regularly in 1958 - 1963 because my girlfriend at the time lived on Ben Lane, Wisewood, the bungalow at the bottom of the driveway to what I think was then some sort of Nautical Training School Her mother worked for many years at he Hillsborough Opticians shop for Miss Greaves. They used to play golf together at Hillsborough Golf Club What was the name of the India Restaurant further up the road towards town, somewhere around where Patnicks shop was and somewhere, maybe, opposite the barracks. Went in there a few times but cannot remember the name Best Regards - Victor - Malaysia
  15. I thin my ex wife went to Pipworth possible 1946/7 onwards
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