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  1. my cousin Bruce Walker pled for a team - maybe team from Heeley area or Coal Aston area in mid 1960's
  2. Marky Baby Sounds like the same Tony Eyre. I have known him since September 1951 when we both started in Year 1 at Woodhouse Grammar School aged 11. I lost contact with him in 1956/7 until around 2015. He told me that he had led a management buy out of the company he worked for and was now living in Nottingham. His company was based in Nottingham and then run by his son Tony will be 81 now nd 82 this year Strange I never came across him after we both left school, because I was in the Production control office at J Stead and Co on Manor Lane, end of Cricket Inn Road and close to the junction with Maltravers Road. Assuming you mean Maltravers Road on the Wybourne Estate Best Wishes from Hot and Sunny Malaysia, 5-03pm and ill 104 degrees - we have hot summer days 365 days a year - Victor Marsall Hutchinson, Subang Jaya, Selangor State, Malaysia
  3. I will come back to you ASAP Frank - Have a pleasant evening in New Jersey Best Wishes - Victor
  4. I lived at Swallownest (born July 1st 1940) until I moved to Driffield near Bridlington in 1968 Beighton, of course, was the next village and I spent many hours there, and later in the pubs, mainly the one at the bottom of Beighton, on Beighton Promenade. Of course, Beighton's "claim to fame" must be Joe Mollinary's Ice Cream. Old Joe never learned to drive and always did his round with a horse and ice cream cart. At the end of his round in Woodhouse he would end up in the George Hotel in Market Place until closing time. Often the others there would lift him into the cart, slap the horse and it would trot back to Beighton and straight into the yard I also remember Beighton often flooding One of my grandmother's sisters lived at Killamarsh My first house after getting married was a new build just off Chesterfield Road, which was always known as Beighton Lane - the road down to Beighton from Swallownest crossroads. Almost at the end of the houses was a turn on the right into Memories Builders Yard. A few individual houses were built on there and it was then known as Park Drive I have emailed my old school friend in South Wales, he lived on Coalbrook at the time you mentioned. Have to wait for his reply, but he is always fairly quick As for Malaysia, I moved my company manufacturing here at the start of 2007. Exporting heavy items to India and the middle east is far more cost-effective than exporting from the UK, plus the far lower labour manufacturing costs I am still at my office and factory here every day even at the age of 81, otherwise, life is boring. My father always said that "retirement is just waiting around to die ...." I live in Wangsa Baiduri, Subang Jaya, State of Selangor - about 10 miles southwest of Kuala Lumpur, Post Code 47500 - out of the city in a quiet residential area where it is very very quiet Johor Bahru is on the south coast and is linked to Singapore by a toll road bridge, about a 4-hour drive south for me. The Thailand border is about 10 hours north The north/south expressway is from the border with Thailand right down and onto Singapore Island. We still have plenty of jungle of course, but no fighting communists now You will be 12 hours behind Malaysia in New York My eldest daughter (34) lives in an expensive area of North Vancouver and has a swiss chalet type cabin in Squamish We still have our house in Driffield, East Yorkshire, but I prefer Malaysia because I do not like the UK weather. As you may recall, here we have no seasons, just hot summer every day. So no aches and pains in the bones and muscles from the cold and damp weather - during the night it rarely drops below 88/89 degrees and daytime is always 97/104 degrees - if it rains, (usually about once every 2/3 weeks or less) the rain lasts about 15/20 mins then out comes the hot sun to dry everywhere up - and of course, living here is low cost, which is a bonus I spent some time on a Malaysian Navy Submarine Project for the MoD at Sapangar Bay, near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo. At the time I always stayed at Sebana Marina just along the coast from Johor Bahru at Sebana Cove. When at Sabah, Malaysia Borneo I always stayed at the Beverly Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. Plenty of jungle on Malaysia Borneo and the southern part of the island is Indonesia Borneo. The states of Sarawak and Sabah are Malaysia Borneo, and in between these is the smaller country of Brunei Darussalam. Troops often carry out jungle training on Borneo Hope this brings back some good memories for you - and the sweltering heat in the jungle I will come back to you re Coalbrook once my old friend David replies to my email request of earlier today Meanwhile - Very Best Wishes -Victor (11-35pm and still 92.4 degrees)
  5. Dear Francis Good Morning from Hot and Sunny Malaysia - Thursday 6-58am here so will be 11-58pmWednesday for you I have read your post and will try to help you. I am originally from Swallownest only a short distance along the road from Iron Bridge (Coalbrook Estate). I was at nearby Woodhouse Grammar School from September 1951 to July 1957 and there were a number of local pupils. Most moved away from the area and the remaining few are not with us anymore. However, I am in very regular contact with an old friend, now living in South Wales, who lived on Coalbrook with his parents and sister, late 1940's to early 1960's. It is possible that he, or his younger sister living in Jersey, may know of the family you are researching I will send him a message shortly, but do not expect a reply before this evening, Malaysia time, at the earliest, due to Malaysia being 7 hours ahead of British Summer Time I will update you - soonest Best Regards - Victor (Victor Marshall Hutchinson)
  6. Ken, Do you remember their Mr Foers - he was their company salesman who came regularly to Monogram - nice guy and in the mid 60's would have been in his mid 50's I think - always a gentleman, dressed well and wore a trilby hat Regards - Victor
  7. Dear Ken At first, I could not place our name and thus could not bring your face into my memory., but during dinner, everything came into place You were the young lad, (then), working in the stores with Ian Herrington I remember - hope my memory is correct. Of course, I remember many others, Dennis Eady, Doug, Tommy Dearden, Ron Annible, John Green , Pat Wilson (real name Aubrey Wilson). Connie, Joyce, Mable etc etc I can send you a concise reply with regard to many people who were there, alive or dead, at the time I left Sheffield, (actually Swallownest), in around October 1968 and moved to a company in Driffield, not far from Bridlington. Then at the start of 2007 Malaysia, a residential area about 10 miles south of Kula Lumpur. I have never been back to the UK since then I don't think I could stand the weather there now, here it may drop down to 88 degrees during the night but daytime as always between 98 and 104. plus the manufacturing costs are much lower than in the UK - as for petrol, it has been almost the same since I came here, currently about GB Pounds1-55 gallon, so driving a 4.0 litre car is no problem I do wish o put the long update to you on any website and so if you can send me your email address to my secondary address - victor.mh1940@gmail.com I will be very pleased to reply by return Please note that Malaysia is British Summer Time (your time), plus 7 hours Nice to hear from you after all of the passing years, and to know that you are still alive and kicking - as for me I will be 82 on July 1st and still go to the work's, or I am in my dedicated private off every day of the week - I guess you will be around 70 now ?? Meanwhile, Take Care and Stay Safe - Victor
  8. I was at WGS from September 1951 to July 1958 started in 1Fwhere the form master was Len Fox, who taught maths Victor Marshall Hutchinson from Swallownest, later I lived in Driffield from late 1967-ut since start 0f 2007 I have lived most of the time here in Malaysia
  9. Sorry, Toastmaster, the names are correct because all 3 were girlfriends at one time or another in the period 1965-1968 I have used their maiden names of course and would have been around 18/19 at the time Elaine Stevens lived on Newhall Road between Attercliffe Road and Liverpool Street - worked upstairs in the finishing/packing section Pat Mathews lived on one of the side streets off Attercliffe Road, opposite Banners Store - she left after becoming pregnant - worked downstairs in the stock room issuing finished goods for order packing Sandra Rotherforth lived in the council house estate at Thurcroft - she married a lad who worked at Monogram around 1966/7 due to being pregnant - a tall lad with ginger hair - she worked in the grinding section Fortunately, their pregnancies were nothing to do with me At the time Pat Wilson was the works manager, John Green was the forge manager, Connie looked after the scissors dept, Joyce looked after the finishing/boxing - many more I can remember from Isaac Samuel Dearden, down to young Denis and old Alf who were the labourers Did you work at I.S.Dearden/Monogram Toastmaster and if so what years perchance I know you? Best Regards - Victor - Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  10. if this helps in some small way I can confirm that we had a Noman Wragg start at Woodhouse Grammar School in September 1951 - the same class as myself so he will be about 82 now if still alive. I think he probably lived in the Manor, or Intake area at the time That's all I know - Bon Chance - Victor Marshall Hutchinson - Subang Jaya, Malaysia
  11. I remember it well - had the wedding reception for my first marriage there, July 13th 1963, my two cousins also had theirs there in 1964 and 1966 and I think you are probably correct with the name I seem to recall it was above some other business, because I remember my cousin and myself carrying our grandma up the steps to the entrance I have an idea it was owned/run by one of the cafe/restaurants in Sheffield City Centre but could be wrong Sorry but that's all can think of right now, have to get my 81 year old brain searching its archives later Best of Luck in your quest for information Best Wishes - Victor Marshall Hutchinson, State of Selangor, Malaysia - ex Swallownest 1940 to 1966 and from 1966 to 2006 ex Driffield, East Yorkshire - 2006 to Malaysia
  12. Went in there many times with my father, Victor Hutchinson who had Crest Service Station next to the Turf Tavern We often went in the Crown and Old Crown and The Angel but mainly in the White Rose, Usual crowd included Denis Hobson, Harry Hodges etc - would 1968 to 1986 - White Rose for long lunchtime sessions, with a lock in at 3-00 pm Good Memories o f Good Times Victor Marshall Hutchison - State of Selangor, Malaysia
  13. Classicfan My knowledge of motorcycles is zero now My uncle had a Scott Clubman 650cc back in 1946 -1950 - I still have a photo - registered number was FOE 593. He often rode it from Swallownest to the village of Fortuneswell on Portland Bill, near Weymouth, to see his girl friend Elsie, his wife from October 1947 They both died in 2015 aged 94 I have an employee, (aged 59), here in Malaysia who is a motorcycle fan - he has a Honda Shaddow and a BMW touring bike. He prefers the bikes to his MPV With his wife they frequently have weekends in Thailand or Singapore with their BMW - I have a photo of the bikes If you would like any copies of the photos please send me your e mail address as a private message Best Regards - Victor
  14. So, Classicfan - what motors do you have ? I am a Classic Fan myself here in Malaysia, currently I have - Mercedes Benz S.320 (3.2 lite) 1999 and 1999 Daimler-Jaguar 4.0 litre I have a friend, here, who rebuilds classics from the classic up and the result is mega perfect, even the upholstery I use them fairly frequently, but for business I have a Mercedes-Benz S.240 and my wide has a 2.0 Mitsubishi Lancer, we change these and buy new every 3 years. Cars imported here have an import duty from 20% up to 2.0 litre to 40% for more expensive cars and 4 x 4 Nice to drive the classics on a long run on Malaysia North/South Highway which runs from the middle of Singapore Island to the border with Thailand 780km, or 490 miles I have a Business License and Residents Status here so every 3 years I can buy cars for our personal use, such as Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW etc etc exempt of Import Duty - although they are supplied by the local main dealers in Kuala Lumpur I read in the UK Daily Mail earlier today that in some places petrol is GBP 1.42 litre - we buy a gallon here for GBP 1.50. Our daughter lives in Vancouver and they pay only slightly more than we do here Regards - Victor MH
  15. He was the school bully at Swallownest Junior School I heard from another Aughton lad Jeffrey Jacobs that Eric Tillery had cancer - that would be around 2010 If sill alive, Jeffrey lives at the very top of Park Hill, Swallownest, about 2nd, or third house of the row Another Aughton name which now springs to mind is Derek Simcox, I think he became an agent for Prudential Assurance, that would be around 1965/66 I think when I last saw him All A Long Time Ago Best Regards - Victor MH
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