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  1. I thin my ex wife went to Pipworth possible 1946/7 onwards
  2. Swallownest Infants and Junior School = September 1945 to July 1951 Victor - Subang Jaya, State of Selangor D.E. Malaysia
  3. Does anyone have even the smallest piece of information re a long lost relative Born in Sheffield 1924, taken to Belgium by his mother in the 1930's and spent the war in Belgium. His mother was a Sheffield girl He went back to England after the war and spent time in Manchester in he 1950's and in Sheffield. Last information is that he married late in life and in 2002/3 he is recorded as having lived at [REDATCTED] I have no later information that that and have no idea whether he is living or deceased Best Wishes - Victor - Subang Jaya, Malaysia
  4. Many thanks to everyone ho has furnished me with important information Special thanks to Arthur Ritas for the Sheffield Indexers link, I am now in direct contact with Kim Wagemans in Belgium Very Best Wishes - Victor - Malaysia
  5. Wow and mega thanks to A Person for this in depth information It is more than I ever hoped for and fills in many gaps in my searches over the years Yes my grandfather Elias had a finger missing from the knuckle - he loved cricket and played for Aston Cricket Club when younger, he also was a big fan of Rotherham Football Cub and went to almost every home and away match My grandmothers side (my mother Jessies mother) was Ethel Wasteney married to Elias Marshall of course. I have her history right back to 936AD in France Her ancestors went to England with William The Conqueror in 1066AD and fought with William at the famous Battle of Hastings -after the battle they were both Knighted by William who had proclaimed himself King of All England and France - they became Sir William and Sir Geoffrey De Wasteney There is a lot of family history related to Todwick, Roche Abbey etc and the founding of what became the City of Perth in New Zealand The full documentary search has taken about 40 years and mainly by my distant cousin in Oxford - and it continues ....... Once again, mega thanks to A Person for the valuable information Very Best Wishes from Malaysia
  6. I am trying to find information on my grandfathers brother who was a patient at Middlewood Hospital around 1947/8/9 but I have no idea when he was admitted or when he died/left there His name was Leonard Marshall and at the time would have been late 50's. Possible admitted after a nervous breakdown - he had a son by the name of Rudolph possibly born around 1920 I remember at the age of 7/8/9 in 1947/8/9 and possibly 1950 he would visit my grandparents house in Swallownest occasionally on a Saturday or Sunday for tea. He would have taken a bus from Middlewood into the city and then a number 21 bus from Pond Street to Swallownest. So he must have had some capabilities. I remember he was always smartly dressed with a suit, shirt, tie and of course cap. But he always talked quite fast and his speech was a bit impaired and he had a kind of mental incapacity in some things The family were originally from Hollinsend but the sons all left for other areas to work in the coal mines He had an older brother Benjamin who worked at a colliery in Armthorpe, Doncaster The brothers were Elias (my grandfather), Leonard and Benjamin - plus a sister who lived in Woodhouse but I cannot recall her name Being the oldest survivor of the family and now aged 80 these are missing links to our family history Any information anyone has will be very helpful- however, in the past I have tried many times over the years to get information via Middlewood Archives but cannot get any responses Best Regards - Victor - Subang Jaya, Malaysia
  7. Mimimoking was a common family word for us - we are a Swallownest family going back lots of generations and almost all of the sayings on this web site were common to us. Mimimoking could sometimes get you "a clip around the ear'ole" Another word my grandmother used was "Chissiking" when myself and my 2 cousins were talking and giggling as young children - we were born in the years 1940, 1942 and 1943 - "war babies" However, none of us have lived in Swallownest since my parents moved to Handsworth in 1970 left Swallownest in lte 1969 for Driffield in East Yorkshire, but there the common sayings were different. But living in Malaysia since late 2006 I never hear them othr than from family members when they visit a few times a year (in non virus times of course) Best Wishes from Hot and Sunny Malaysia -9-56am and already 94 degrees - by late morning it will be 98 - 101 which is usual because we have no seasons, just year pong hot summer - never below 86/87 during the night
  8. Could they be related to the Holland Family who had a grocers shop on Ballifield Estate, Handsworth just along the block of the Everest Pub My auntie worked in the shop for a while, and the older son was "very keen" on my cousin - they were about the same age - would be about 15/17 at the time - certainly the oldest would be 17 because he as driving The sons had a maroon coloured Morris Minor convertible at the time - 1949 model This would be mid 1950's onwards - probable closed or sold some years later but I have no connections to Ballifield after mid 1960's when I moved to Driffield in East Yorkshire Hollands had 3 sons, who if still alive will be in the age range 77 to 80 - In the mid to late 1950's 2 of the sons played in some local places with their Everly Brothers Act. They had a 1949 model, maroon coloured, Morris Minor convertible, (soft top), at the time which I think they changed in late 1961 or early 1962 if my memory is correct Sorry I cannot remember any of the boys names but I could WhatsApp my cousin who lives in Chesterfield because I am sure she will remember them Good Luck in your search - Best Wishes - Victor M Hutchinson - Hot and Sunny Malaysia
  9. The daughters name was Marjorie I have now remembered - she will be around 75/76 now Victor
  10. I remember Compo/Kompo as a child (born 1940) I remember at infant school where I started (Swallownest) each day a small bottle of milk and a spoonful of cod liver oil My cure for the past many, many, years is a Hot Toddy - large whiskey with a small amount of hot water. Can add bit of sugar or honey if preferred Best Wishes - Victor - Hot and Sunny Malaysia - 10-10am and 91 degrees increasing
  11. I think one of my friends sons went there maybe in the 1950's name of Richard Burrows. I worked with his father, Arthur, for a while 1957-1960 - he was a Chartered Accountant/Auditor I sold Richard his first motorcycle in 1958 - green BSA Bantam 125c Best Wishes - Victor - Hot and Sunny Malaysia
  12. Aside from pickles onions, there was a Mr Hoskin, or Hoskins, who was the headmaster of Swallownest junior and senior school in the late 1940' and 50's - I was there September 1945 to July 1951 - infants and junior school No idea when he retired because I left or another school in July 1951 after 11+ exam He had a black Austin 7 car at the time and later became a member of the local council He lived on Aughton Road, Swallownest, just before the start of Aughton itself May also be one of your distant relatives because Swallownest/Aughton are not far from Thurcroft, or Clifton/Rotherham Regards - Victor - Malaysia
  13. Wondering if this could be a "Lobster Pick" for getting the lobster flesh out of its claws for eating ?? Victor - Malaysia
  14. Grapefruit spoons were similar to a large teaspoon but he bottom of the bowl was a slight "V" shape and the end of the bowl pointed Grapefruit knives were serrated at both sides, pointed and bent at the end so you could cut around and underneath the grapefruit flesh to remove it in one piece without having to peel off the skin Still use one myself Regards - Victor Malaysia - Saturday 10-21am 91.4 degrees and rising with clear blue sky - no snow of course
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