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Poppy Sellers.

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Get the unemployed doing it and they'll be dipping their hands in the takings

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2 hours ago, MEC176 said:

Poppy metal badgers, just a thought every year we buy the small metal badge and then after Remembrance Day we put it into a drawer and forget about it till you stumble across it and throw it away, would it not be an idea if the people selling poppies had a bucket by their stall to collect old, last years, badgers then they could be recycled or weighed in as scrap to get more revenue for the Royal British Legion I have emailed the British Legion and sent this as an idea but no response perhaps if we all emailed them then they may consider it for next year, ok it would mean some sort off collection system but the people collecting what’s not sold from this year could collect these as well.


replied to wrong post.

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