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Carers Rights


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 my son is my wifes registered carer and she applied for the 25% discount in council tax ,this was turned down because a council worker said our son lived with us so we was not allowed it.so my wife told our son to leave but I paid rent for him for around 12 month in a private let ,this has cost me many thousands of pounds to prove a point .she got a letter the other day nearly 12months after he was told to leave stating he was allowed to live there and it was back dated for 12 months this was only a £300 discount but we proved our case .the cost and the stress this caused seams to be connected to my wife having heart issues .I have made a complaint against this council official but I feel it will get swept under the carpet  I feel we have been victimised and bullied- I have contacted the carers advice line they say I need the citizens advice ,---[PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE BEEN REFUSED YOUR 25% DISCOUNT BECAUSE THE COUNCIL SAY YOU CANT HAVE IT BECAUSE YOUR CARER LIVES IN YOU CAN CLAIM IT BACK]-he has also had his carers benefits and his income support and his bank stopped---.ANY ADVICE ???

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