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Anyone remember Thermogene  - having a piece of it put onto your chest underneath your vest.


Usually if you had a cold or flue or sometimes in winter just to keep you warm when outside playing in the snow


I remember it being an orange colour and in texture a bit like house loft insulation. 


Victor - Malaysia (don't need Thermogene here though)

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Correct DUFFEMS - I remember it very well


But here is a true but amusing story about Thermogene - my wife's grandmother, Emily,  was a thin and very sprightly woman but did not much of a "figure". This was many years ago of course probably before the age of "padded bra's". Wanting to "improve her figure" for some party she was going to she decided to stuff Thermogene into her bra for "a fuller figure"


The result being that by the end of the evening when she arrived home and undressed the Thermogene had literally "burned her skin" and apparently it was mega painful  - true story


Additonal information - Emily was the first travelling saleswoman for Hoover probably 1920's. After leaving Hoover she kept the original cleaner and the containers with the "Dust, Fluff and Grit" which was sprinkled on the customers carper during the demonstration of the machine - remember the advert - "All the dust all the grit Hoover gets it every bit - Hoover beats as it sweeps as it cleans …"


She died in 1986, and at the time my wife was an ex area manager of Yorkshire Electricity Board. So she donated the machine and the containers to Hoover for their company showroom with every machine they ever made


Even now although we have had many different cleaners over the years my wife, and many others say "hoover the carpet …" eben thought the machine may be a Dyson or Electrolux etc


Regards - Victor   

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